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Paperwork and filing woes #paperwork #filing #system

Suggestions please for paper overwhelm. They are multiplying all over my house, covering the floor, table and countertops. I can’t get started…thanks!

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Tuesday evening works

#chronic pain #positive vibes#dsily reflections and journal,#52small things,#paperwork ##Distract me,#Music #coloring apps#Gratitude
Grateful for a new day and for a walk to several stores n home. Visit with my MH peer support person who helped me get copies of paperwork to send away for heat assistance. We've been fortunate to have good weather so far and now gonna be December. We had clouds, sun and now cloudy again but no Rain yet.
I did some chores but relaxed early today. I've been using my coloring apps on my phone as distraction and grounding. Calms me and I have a finished product that I can share with my friends. When I have power issues I have colored pencils and books .
I made a salad of open romaine leaves, avacado, parmesan cheese, chicken, broccoli slaw and homemade BBQ sauce Yummy!
Now relaxing on my bed with feet up in the air cuz oh my, they are achy breakup .
Going to sign off for the day. Take care mighties!


Why am I controlling but can't take control of anything?

Why am I controlling but can't take control of anything?
I know that contradicts each other but hear me out.

I'm in my 20s I can't do much for myself (I rely on others to do my hospital info and all paperwork all the adult jobs really, etc) but yet I want everything thing done a certain way and perfectly. But if I try and do it I can't.
Is this because I have avoidance issues or do I just suck and adulting and life? #Adulting #paperwork #control #controlingpersonality #unmotivational


Parenting & Paperwork ....

Cognitive distortions
My own thinking errors
Are contributing to my horrid mood

My despair and sense of failure
My feeling that nobody cares
Nothing is worth trying
Everything is going to always be this hard
I will forever be denied and
need to fight for my barest
minimum of needs to be met

I know many who would argue with me
”No, people care, you are loved
You are not alone”

But I feel I am alone
What about these medical forms?
The need for further doctors appointments and evaluations and paperwork upon paperwork that needs to be completed? No one will help me figure all this out. I can’t bear it.

I am overwhelmed and so very alone in parenting and paperwork.

Horrid horrid horrid combination

#Depression #Parenting #paperwork #overwhelmed #ADHD


#RareDisease #DercumsDiseaseAdiposisDolorosa #paperwork

very frustrating if my own GP is not "able" because of his lack of #knowlwdge and #intrest about my #RareDisease to fill out important paperwork for me. I had to bring it back for a second time and getting the look and stupid comments of the receptionist beside the comments of two other places dealing with this #issues . Being told to fill it self in !! But I can not do that because this section on should be filled in by my GP only !! anyone else having this trouble with there GP's? I try to be patient but …..

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