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Medical needs an overhaul

I was recently diagnosed with orthostatic hypotension with labile blood pressure. The cardiologist told me not to stand too long or sit too long. Wear compression socks and increase hydration. Can’t increase salt intake.. can’t take any medication. Cardiologist said I should see a neurologist because he can’t figure out why I have this.. I am 58 years old.. this condition is found in either young or older people. Three weeks later the neurologist office gets in touch and can’t get me in until October! Wow it’s hard to get answers! I had a tilt table test October 2022. Plus I broke my wrist and had surgery.. my OT thinks I have CRPS.
What other tests should I be having? How can I advocate for myself? Do I just sit around and wait?
I’m really frustrated with the medical system..
I think I may have EDS.. but I don’t know..
I know this is a long post so thank you for reading!
Any advice would be welcomed 💚



I’m new here!

Hi, my name is Melanie. I'm here because hEDS and POTS suck, but my brain is stronger than my pain! sharing the love. 🫶

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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is soulcolorss. I'm undiagnosed and currently doing the specialist shuffle. We are thinking hEDS and CO

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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is chroniclyMimi. I recently spent a week in the hospital and was diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency and acute renal failure. My blood pressure would drop so low I would pass out when sitting up or standing and at times was even 60s/30s at rest. I live with a slew of debilitating, chronic medical issues that have come to light over the last 13+ years, including Rheumatoid Arthritis, h-EDS, multiple orthopedic surgeries, a h/o uterine cancer, anxiety and depression to name a few. I had to retire with disability at the age of 44 from a 20+ year nursing career and I can tell you with complete certainty that it’s definitely harder to be a full time patient than the health care professionals. I usually consider myself pretty badass and I’ve learned how to adapt and live with my limitations and disabilities (except the motorized bugggy in the grocery store, I refuse to ride on one of those!!) But this most recent diagnosis has me a little concerned and scared, I understand that it is most likely due to the high dose and lengthy tapers of Prednisone I’ve had to take frequently for RA flares, as well as stress being a factor. My initial appointment with the Endocrinologist isn’t until May, so I came back to The Mighty for support from people I trust to help me understand and also guide me through how to adjust to life with this additional chronic condition .
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