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    "Speak to us of Children"

    I've just started reading Gibran's "The Prophet" and it surely is insightful.
    I am lifted.
    #Children #Parents #Parenthood #gibran #Books #Literature #theprophet

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    #Parenthood #Depression

    Question for all, Do you find parenting makes your depression better or worse? And what is your experience being a parent with depression?


    is it true?

    terrified. 2 years of marriage and my husband has been nothing but super supportive about my physical and mental health (truly blessed). but the thought of having a child gives me the chills(nope we ain't expecting) my anxiety rises to max level where I feel there's panic attack coming. it become so difficult to cool down. I avoid the topic all together and I dont know how to explain or deal with it.

    this question is for all the mums out there with chronic illness, depression and anxiety.

    is it true? a child can endup having anxiety issues or higher chances of fibromyalgia later on in life? if mum has these (and I'm panicking even while thinking and posting these questions).

    even the thought of being pregnant 9 months with so much pain already, super bad back pains n leg pains. how am I ever gonna carry a child for 9 months!!! that's like 270 days!! give or take. 🙁

    dont even get me started on how my tummy treats me. I hardly eat anything.

    and with everyday migraines, how will I take care of the child?? when the baby decides to cry at any given point. day or night?
    I already dont sleep well, close to not at all. how will I manage then???
    and being Indian, pregnancy comes with a package deal (alot of family drama and issues on both sides).

    what's the point of giving life to a baby when you are gonna endup letting your child inherit your health issues aswell?

    I havent been able to overcome this fear. nobody to discuss it with. because being pregnant and having a baby with preexisting physical and mental health issue. don't know anybody who's been there (in real life around me).

    so I'm here to get that help and find the real answers. please share what's true. I want to know, if we ever plan to have a child, what am I gonna give him/her or how am I gonna cop with all this.

    for now whenever I imagine, all i see is a disaster waiting to happen 😔

    #Fibromyalgia #Parenthood #Depression #Anxiety #PanicAttack #ChronicIllness #Pain


    Has anyone had PTSD symptoms return after your own children reach the age of your abuse?

    I've had an increase in anxiety lately. I'm pretty intuitive when it comes to my triggers and the only thing that really stands out to me is that my children have reached the age I was when I told my parents I was being abused by my grandfather.

    I haven't been to therapy since I was a teen, but I have already spoken to my doctor and got a referral for their in house counselor. So, really what I need while waiting for that first appointment is to know that I'm not alone in this thought process. #Anxiety #Parenthood #abusesurvivor #Mamabear

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    Return to the bloggers world and return as a contributor...

    Evening all, I am Katie Gloria and I am a blogger who writes about my thoughts and experiences with mental health, pregnancy and parenthood. I have a range of long term conditions including Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Depression which I express via my blog (link in profile) I have recently returned to The Mighty as a contributor and look forward to reading about others journeys and struggles and look forward to speaking with others as we are not alone and we are in this together 🖤
    #MentalHealth #Depression #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Parenthood #blogger #writer #themightycontributor #return