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Healing #EatingDisorder


My name is Whitney and I am in recovery from atypical anorexia purging subtype. I am about to finish IOP next week and have made SO much progress in treatment this time going through each level of care. I wrote an article that is on my page about how I’ve started healing my relationship with my body during recovery, and if anyone is interested in finding ideas on things I have found helpful I would love for you to check it out. My goal in writing it was to just be able to help one person and I hope I’m able to do that. #EDrecovery #AnorexiaNervosa #AtypicalAnorexia #ED #MentalHealth #recoverywarrior

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#Falling #recoverywarrior #foreverbattle

feeling the familiar fall, the descent, sliding down the side of the well, into the darkness. How do I stop the descent? I'm still in a stage where, once I'm actively involved in whatever it is that is giving me a sense of usefulness, a sense of purpose, I'm ok. But, it is so much easier to just go to sleep right now, to sleep for hours. My eyes feel heavy all the time, even when my feet are happily on the trails. I don't want to go back to the bottom, where is dreary and cold. Arm my hands strong enough to grasp a stone on the wall and hold?

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Broken but Resilient

As I'm beginning to see some resilience return, I still have moments where I feel broken. But broken isn't necessarily bad or incapacitated. #Depression #PTSD #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Fear #recoverywarrior


Temporary Setbacks #PTSD #Trauma

I have been happily divorced for 15 years now, not walking on eggshells, financially solvent, maintaining the No Contact rule, as per Sam Vaknin’s instructions on breaking free from a narcissist, and doing very well. Then yesterday my daughter texted me to let me know that her father’s local church leader was interested in speaking with me before he clears him to regain his full membership privileges.

Darn.  I instantly had a cry.  Not sure why.  It just came out. I don’t want to have to talk about him.  It makes me think about what I went through for 30 years, and I don’t want to go there.  It’s sad how many people fall for Dr. Jekyll.  No one wants to believe Mr. Hyde is the real person and Jekyll just a mask.

Thank goodness for music.  It’s always there when you need it.  Never fails to lift my mood.  I put on my headphones and danced while Spanish Eddie took the fall.
#CPTSD #Narcissiticabuse #spousalabuse #recoverywarrior

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To my fellow Mighty 💪 family I 100% Relate to this & thought I'd share just in case you can relate also!

Being I live the day to day life of Bipolar, Social Anxiety, being a recovering addict, that also went through some very traumatic experiences that I never deserved to have happen to me & I thought I was getting better w/ my CPTSD, but than a couple of nights ago I had bad dreams about my past Trauma all night! Not a restful night of sleep at all! & Than with my Bipolar symptoms out of control lately, this is just my life right now! & Than I can't hardly eat bcuz of my stomach issues & my life's been a big mess lately! I've been isolating, I have realized I truly have no real friends in my life besides y'all! My so called "Bff's" keep texting me about drugs & they know I'm getting my life together! I feel bad for my 1 BF but she's letting the other toxic friend we have take her right back down with her & I'm so sad bcuz I just got her back again after years, but I refuse to let that negative toxicity in my life! I already have enough going on w/out friend's that are supposed to be my BFFs & they're just trying to drag me back down with them & I'm not going 😉#BipolarDisorder #nograyareas #ManicEpisodes #DepressiveEpisodes #noshame #CPTSD #recoverywarrior #TraumaSurvivors #Anxiety #EmpathsUnited #IBS #ChronicPain #RareDiseases #Noroomfortoxicenergy