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I’m running away

I wish I had the money and ability to just run away and start over. I feel like I’m stuck. I know running away won’t help anything, but that thought is always there. What could life be like if I just disappeared? Got in the car and just went? I can’t be the only one who wonders this. #Depression #lonely #runningaway


Help Me

I am considering running from my parents. I am 18, and they are very disrespectful and degrade/psychologically abuse and mistreat me. If I ran, I couldn't see my boyfriend again. The person I could run to would be my grandmother, so I have somewhere to go at least. I would lose everything I own except whatever I have in a small bag. I am doing this because I am in danger. I don't run just to run away. I run to escape a bad home. #help #runningaway #Abuse


Running Away - literally

Lately I have been contemplating running away from my life. Like actually packing my stuff in my car, getting rid of my phone, withdrawing all of my cash from the bank, and running away. To be honest, the thought scares the hell out of me because I am actually crazy enough to do it... and I don’t know if being “crazy” is what’s driving this idea or if I’m perfectly sane and this is an idea I should pursue. I just want to get away from my shit show of a life. Does anyone else ever do this??? #runningaway #Depression #MomGuilt


Running away #runningaway #overwhelmed #tired #HidradenitisSuppurativa #Depression #Anxiety

I just feel like running away from it all. My three year old keeps being physically aggressive with his teachers and classmates. It gets worse when I’m having a flare and have zero energy to play and be active with him. I’ve been dealing with a flare since last week and ended up calling in sick Monday and Tuesday this week, only to return to work and get a call to pick him up due to his behavior. I’m a single mom with zero help from the absent parent and minimal help from family and friends. We’ve been seeing a therapist to help me find ways to keep his behavior on track at home. Now I’m afraid he’ll be asked to leave yet another daycare center or I will lose my job for excessive absences. I wanted to place him for adoption during my pregnancy and regret not doing so to give him a better quality of life.


Shutting Up

I’ve made a decision. I know you’ll all say it’s the wrong one, but if I don’t, I’ll fall even more apart. From this moment on, I will no longer communicate my pain, my sadness, my fears, my needs, to anyone I know. Not my mom, brother, friends, co-workers, not even my soon to be ex-husband. It hurts too much. Maybe I’ve been talking too much and have become a broken record and they don’t want to hear it anymore. Maybe I’ve become like the little boy who cried wolf to them. Why am I telling you? Because you don’t know me. You can ignore me, tell me what I’m doing wrong, whatever, and you can’t hurt me. I’m tired of being hurt. #Depression #BeingIgnored #runningaway #suicidal #tired


Can I run away from home? #CheckInWithMe #runningaway

I'm having a day where I just want to run away from home and never, ever come back. I'm having visions of hopping into my car, pointing it in a direction, and just going.  Problem is, we only have one car, and I'm sure that someone would eventually track me down.

I don't think the way a lot of people do, and I feel just like I did in school -- that "the cool kids", the popular kids, they are the ones who get to decide what's in style, what you should think, what's "cool", and if you go against them, they have the power to make your life miserable.  

I KNOW the saying, "they only have the power you give to them."  I call bull.  Others have the power the shame and shun you and make sure your life is hell.  They can lie about you and THEY will be believed.  You can talk back all you want but they WILL get the final word.  I don't have the resources to stand against "the cool kids"!