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I can never sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time. I fall asleep, and I wake up for no reason at all. Then I go back to sleep and I wake up again in another couple hours.
I've been having terrible nightmares lately, so bad I've actually been talking in my sleep... even yelling and shouting. I have full conversations in my sleep lately.
Also when I lay down to sleep, I have myoclonic jerks really bad. I'm not talking a twitch, it's like my leg involuntarily kicks. Does anyone else experience anything like what I've described here? The jerking really freaks me out. #PTSD #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #ParanoidPersonalityDisorder #Hypochondria #CheckInWithMe #Scolosis #BackPain #CheckInWithMe #MentalHealth #Insomnia



I've been struggling really bad lately. I feel alone, I hate living with #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder ... I know no one likes it. The constant looping thoughts, the paranoid ideas, the overall feeling of doom are just getting to be too much lately. Meds don't help me (the only thing that helps a little is Valium) but I see a new Dr and I'm not sure he's going to keep prescribing them. No other meds help me. I just want to be a little girl again... I've been age regressing lately... I find myself just wanting to watch cartoons with one of my many stuffed animals. I've been obsessively buying stuffed animals for months. I don't want to be an adult. My husband does his best to take care of me... he's very patient, but there are times when he gets tired of me needing to be constantly reassured, and I still don't believe he loves me. I don't believe anyone loves me. I constantly accuse my husband of cheating on me, but he's not, I've been through all his socail media, emails and phone records. I'm literally driving myself insane.
I pray to God to take these thoughts away, but it's not working and my faith is weak...
I'm a recovering alcoholic, I've been sober 4 or 5 months. I've been lucky to not have any cravings, but today I actually thought about drinking so I didn't feel any more. I won't drink though, I've come too far to screw it up now.
If you read all this, thank you. Have a blessed night everyone. #cptsd #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #ParanoidPersonalityDisorder #Hypochondria #CheckInWithMe #Scolosis #BackPain #MentalHealth


So close to moving date and had a breakdown today. #Anxiety

So today I sold my fridge, I posted it online for $250 and someone abruptly and rudely said $150, I had a bad feeling about them but as all the other offers fell through I accepted. I spent two hours feeling cleaning it. When they got here and gave me the money I got a message when they were loading it asking for $50 back because they weren't happy with the condition due to scratches (I said in the posting it had cosmetic damage). My partner said don't give them any money back, especially because they had already taken it downstairs and they could have damaged it. The whole thing caused my paranoia to skyrocket, I was worried they would do something. I felt sick and ended up in tears due to it. I have an end of lease clean booked tomorrow through the same website and I'm scared and untrusting now.

I'm also stressed about finishing all the packing and whether everything will fit for this last trip, especially all the cat stuff.

Also no mattresses so sleeping on the ground for two nights, hopefully I don't get too sore.

#Anxiety #Depression #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Paranoia #MentalHealth #breakdown #PanicAttack #Jointpain #ChronicPain #Scolosis #EhlersDanlosSyndrome


So much pain and can't sleep #ChronicPain

I'm in the process of packing and moving which has caused back pain but the worst are my thumbs, they hurt so much it's unbearable. Also very anxious about starting work in my field and I'm scared to make mistakes and get fired.

#HypermobileTypeEDS #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #HypermobilitySyndrome #Anxiety #Depression #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #MentalHealth #tired #Insomnia #Scolosis #jointlaxity #Pain #ChronicPain

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scoliosis #StayStrong #disablity

scoliosis really put a impact on me I've had scoliosis since I was little .even tho it's a mild case it caused my back to be inflamed I can't bend and it caused muscle spasms that go down to my legs. #Scolosis #ChronicPain

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How does scoliosis cause pain for people?

I have #Scolosis myself but it fortunately does not cause me pain and therefore I don’t understand I also have #CerebralPalsy that also doesn’t cause pain either I’m pretty sure I’m rarer than a zebra that this point I also have #Epilepsy they don’t know what type it is We have to do genetic testing to hopefully figure that out once and for all because they sure can’t figure out the easy way they have been trying to figure it out for yearѕ.can anyвody elѕe relaтe?