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    Had twin Grandsons not very long ago. A total of 4 new Grandchildren in 2020. 7 for this Grandmother . Thank you God for Christmas and my life. ♥️

    Each of us have something thing to be grateful for..I also Thank God for each of YOU. I am alive and know that no matter what happens we have each other. Thank you all for all the hearts and comments and prayers..You are incredible and amazing. Please remember you always have a friend here that is me. ♥️❄️🤗😙❄️😼🍪❤️
    Life is all about MY God, Family and you My Mighty Family. ♥️


    Chronic Pain and Panic attacks

    Woke up after only 4 hours of sleep with extremely high pain, every single part of my body from my head to my toes is 13/10 pain level. I have been trying everything I normally do on bad pain days but it still persists. When I wake up on bad pain days I can be very snappy with my boyfriend simply because it’s so hard to focus on anything other then the agony, and today he took is very personally and has been so hurtful and unsupportive the entire day so far. He has been stomping around our apartment “cleaning” and telling me over and over again that “he can’t live like this anymore, and nothing ever gets cleaned anymore” I have tried explaining to him multiple times how harmful those words can be to someone who deals with multiple autoimmune conditions and pain on a daily basis, and that on my really bad days I just need him to be present with me, to sit with me, distact me, even just hold my hand. And he just doesn’t get it. I already deal with so much guilt and shame from not being able to function normally most days, and I explained that saying these kinds of statements on a very high pain day is the last thing you should do, but he continues on. Now I’m getting panic attacks, which I know is only adding to the amount of pain I’m in, and it seems like it’s going to be a never ending cycle today. I guess I just needed to vent, hopefully there are people out there who understand. #ChronicPain #SecondaryAdrenalInsufficiency #Fibromyaliga #UlcerativeColitis #Arthritis #PanicDisorder #CheckInWithMe #Nosupportsystem


    Wanting to give up

    Newly diagnosed with secondary adrenal insufficiency about three weeks ago. Have been diagnosed with HLA-B27 spondyloarthritis and fibromyalgia since 2018, and ulcerative colitis since 2009. I’m pretty convinced at this point the diagnoses will keep rolling in if the SAI doesn’t do away with me first. My support system is basically non existent. I poured my heart out to my boyfriend tonight about how scared I am to die and how I have no quality of life anymore, and that only ended with him screaming at me for daring to ask him to buy a health related product...I have been suffering for so long now, over half of my life has been spent it pain. Doesn’t anyone ever just wish for peace? Sometime I feel like I’m staying alive solely for the sake of others, because they would be hurt if I died. I force myself to suffer through excruciating pain every single day for these people. But some days are much harder than others, some days it’s much harder to see the point. #SecondaryAdrenalInsufficiency #UlcerativeColitis #Fibromyaliga #Arthritis #autoimmune #qualityoflife #Depression #PanicDisorder #CheckInWithMe


    Struggling hard while looking out for someone else

    So for the past couple weeks I’ve looked out for someone who went through an unusual hip replacement surgery and I did “ok” for about a week. Then my usual mess began. Started with my Ménière’s disease going in to a flare which can be dangerous for me as I’ve experienced drop attacks which can leave me falling and that’s bad because of my osteoporosis. Then my gastroparesis flared so I’ve barely eaten in three days. Then last Saturday I very nearly went into adrenal crisis. So as a result I’ve slept most of the past four days and been QUITE rough.

    My point in writing this is that when you’re dealing with serious, debilitating and life threatening chronic illnesses - PLEASE pace yourself and know your boundaries. #RareDisease #SecondaryAdrenalInsufficiency #MenieresDisease #Gastroparesis