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#Appearance #selfconscious #stayathome

I've been growing my hair out for like 2-3 months now,& it still has a long way to go b4 it's all one length long enuf to get cut into a "bob" hairdoo. For now it's been looking bad & I covet it even when I'm alone in the apartment, cuz it makes me feel bad t to look at it how it is. When I go out to food shop, I wear one of my hats.. 😬😯😕☺😉😁

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a razor that doesn’t flare my #Eczema

oh my gosh! ladies! (& gents). I know like me, you see hundreds of Facebook ads a day for things like Ipsy, Birchbox, the like. but have you seen an ad for this supposedly magical razor called “BILLIE”? I scrolled past it probably a hundred times myself & finally I looked into the comments to see what the hype was all about. the razor women are losing it over? the pink tax free razor? yeah, whatever they just say stuff like that because they want my money! okay, so, I gave them my money because it was under 20$, and trying to find body skincare, let alone a razor, that doesn’t make my #Eczema turn into a nightmare is a huge #challenge. so what the hell?
well, I finally used my pretty pink tax free razor today.
and I don’t have razor bumps.
my legs don’t burn like I just came back from hell.
and they don’t look like it either!
I mean hey, I couldn’t walk down the runway, but typically I avoid shaving my legs (a #Sideeffect of my #Medication that leaves me feeling #selfconscious most of the time) & it feels fantastic to actually have ( mostly) smooth, hell-free, lady legs. I’m half way there y’all. #Eczema #Medication #unwantedsideeffects #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder


How did you get diagnosed with #BodyDysmorphicDisorder ?

I have every symptom. Every awful thought. I’m the worst person in my eyes. But how did you get diagnosed? And how did you get a doctor to take you seriously? #BodyDysmorphicDisorder #selfconscious #Diagnosis


Asthmatics how do you cope with sounding disgusting out in public when we cough?

My asthma is really bad at the moment and I’m producing lots. when I cough I know I sound hideous ‘coughing up’ I was in town yesterday and I am so self conscious trying not to cough, I’m using my ventolin loads so it’s fairly controlled but I saw someone looking at me thing yeuk I hate it 😥😥 makes me just want to stay in. #Asthma #Coughing #selfconscious


Family judgements

So I’ve a few tattoos and it’s something that i really enjoy getting. I love the way they look, it makes me have more confidence and it’s just fun. But whenever i get around my family they always judge me for them and it annoys me . Only one of them is truly sentimental and very special to me but today they’ve told me that it’s too big, stupid and ugly. I normally don’t let their comments get to me , but it’s really affected me and i started doubting the tattoo which made me feel really down. I just don’t get why it’s so hard to respect someone’s personal choice and why they have to mention it every single time.. #sad #selfconscious


I feel ugly

I’ve gained so much weight due to depression meds. And I feel so ugly. Even though I’m curvier and a little hotter now that I’m not super skinny... how can I learn to love this new body? I don’t even know how to dress anymore. My self confidence is horrible #selfconscious #ifeellikeshit


so what strategies actually helped your anxiety? #Anxiety #AnxietyDisorders #AnxietyDisorder #selfconscious #overthinking

have tried all the things like meditation and exercise and all that, u know? maybe what’s lacking is long term consistency?


On being self conscious

when you're so concerned about what people think of you ask yourself this,
"What do I think of them?"
what does this person contribute to your life? do they really matter? if they do matter does their opinion of you define who you are?
When you know yourself enough others thoughts about you are like leaves on a stream you see them come and watch them go. #Anxiety #selfconscious #Depression #NegativeThoughts #opinions #MentalHealth