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Seroquel XR

Hi, Everyone! Have you experienced mouth sores with Seroquel XR, if so, please let me know how you coped! Thanks so much! #SideEffects #SeroquelXR #MoodDisorder #Advice


My struggle with anxiety/panic as a doctor #Anxiety #panic

New here, been following the Fb page for ages now, finally downloaded the app and joined the chat!
So I’m Andy, currently OB/GYN resident and lifetime holder of a panic disorder/GAD. Things started kinda early, around 7, and GI symptoms have always been the main thing. Manifestations have come and gone through out the years but somehow reached a peak when I was 24 (2016). Things were really bad at home, money-wise and I couldn’t find a single job all through that year. Residency admission was on hold and final results were delayed from September all the way up until December, and so that (admission meant a job and an income) kinda triggered my panic. I couldn’t leave home for weeks and even the thought of going to the store kinda made me panic. In the end I started my residency in 2017, with a bad disorder in hand and no medical control, but of course job and academic duties kept my mind off of the anxiety for a while.
I went to my first Psych appointment in December 2017 and she started me on #SeroquelXR which I found odd but given my bad mental health status I started taking it (although it took me about a month to finally give it a try).
Things went down the road the following 5 months and I found no relief with my Psychiatrist, much less with the medication I was on.
Things took a toll on me and at the end of May last year I literally spent a full week on panic (even if the books say it lasts an hour at most, it was full on 7 days). I was afraid of working, eating, sleeping (didn’t sleep for 5 days) and pretty much everything.
I was kinda forced to see a new psychiatrist in the hospital I work and that was my biggest blessing to this day. Someone understanding, kind and compassionate, who was truly making an effort in getting me better. I was started on #paxil (which I still take to this day), psychotherapy and was forced to take a break from work for 2 weeks.
Things started slowly getting better with time and I can finally say I function at a normal level most of my time. I went living on my own, started meeting some new people.
Anxiety comes and goes every once in a while and it’s usually very manageable, with the aid of Benzos when things get too difficult to handle.
Yesterday I started a lower dose of Paxil and today I’ve been feeling a bit more anxious than the usual, but still haven’t gotten to taking any benzos, hoping my friends, TV and board games will help me.
Anyways, long post, sorry for boring you, wanted to share my experience so far.


Anyone else with #Bipolar2 on 2 #antipsychotic #medications ?

Being that I’m newly #Bipolar2 and at my #Therapist ’s suggestion, I requested that my #Psychiatrist add a #moodstabilizer to my cocktail during my appt today. I asked about #Lamictal , #Trileptal , and #Tegratol , but she put me on #Vraylar . I’m currently also on #SeroquelXR and #Lexapro . It seems weird that I’d get put on 2 antipsychotics when I don’t have any psychotic symptoms. I know that antipsychotics aren’t just for psychosis, but to be on two? Isn’t that overkill? I primarily just wanted relief from my #Hypomania . Also, isn’t Vraylar just for #Bipolar1 ? #BipolarDisorder