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Hey guys, I have been really stressed lately and I feel only like 4 people care. Send some positive vibes, please? #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Anxiety #MoodDisorder #stressed

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Prescription anxiety

I had spine surgery on 3/3 (5 days ago) and I’m in a lot of pain. I expected this as I just had spine surgery 6/22/22 as well. I prepared for the worst and I hoped for the best. Here’s my question….I got a prescription for pain medication the day of my procedure which contained enough for 8 tabs a day spaced at every 4-6 hours, just like the prescription says. Here I am on day 5 with 8 tablets and I’m anxious…is the surgeon going to give me a refill , there’s no way people come off pain meds 5 days after spine surgery right?, am I crazy that I’ve calculated my dose’s exactly because I don’t want to experience the crazy pain that follows?.
Seriously, is there something wrong with that/me? I’ve never been an addict, but if pain was involved and pain medication was needed, I didn’t let anyone help me with that part. I’m the child of an addict, could be something there.
My bruising has only just begun and the swelling is horrific (ice is my friend). So my anxiety has kicked in because I’m scared to call the surgeons office and ask for a refill (to be called in tonight preferably so I don’t have to drive), docs don’t like to refill pain medication even for surgery relief. I’m so afraid to be in pain, but the anxiety of actually calling is getting the best of me right now. Ugh. Why? Just why? Why does my brain do this? I’m certainly not actively thinking these thoughts. I don’t understand why this has to be an issue for me. 😤😩🥴😵‍💫🙄🤥🫥🫤😳😔 #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Anxiety #PanicDisorder #MoodDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #AnxietyMedication #SpinalStenosis #MightyTogether #CheckInWithMe #CrohnsDisease #Fibromyalgia #BrainFog #BackPain #SpinalSurgery #ChronicPain

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Bipolar and Pain Management

Does anyone else get weird on heavy pain killers? I mean like after a surgery or dental work, the prescription stuff, the controlled substances like hydrocodone.

I have a relative with bipolar disorder who has said the same thing. They do the same with heavy steroids. We get more than a little loopy. I have mood swings that include hallucinations at times. I have 'imagined' people breaking into my house, children running through the house and jumping on the bed with me, just weird stuff that at the time is very real and scary.

The family member has enormous mood swings. Sometimes, it's an angry reaction, irrational rage and outbursts. More often, they respond as though they have been given a diagnosis of "imminent death", and does things like calls all their relatives to say goodbye without realizing that's what they're doing. It's funny later but at the time is very concerning!

We've decided it's related in some way to the mood disorder but I don't have definitive proof of this. Anyone else have these experiences?

#MoodDisorder #Bipolar

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The Time it Takes to Heal and Why to Resist Counting

There are times when mental illness is inexplicably and irreversibly triggered, feeling out of the blue and bringing on the question of, “why is this happening?” Hospitalizations or acts of deliriously erratic behaviour, unlike the person you have known before. It feels sudden, shocking, and destabilizing. It might change how you see yourself or others, it might just be paramount in a series of upcoming challenges.

I am not an expert on the cause, here. I don’t know if any of this is truly out of the blue, because science has acknowledged several potential triggering factors that could clarify how we arrive at these moments. For me, what happened felt like the longest slow burn in history. There was a suddenness to the escalation of my condition, but thinking back shows me tremendous kindling. There were a million hints of varying sizes, but I didn’t see them. Nobody did. (As an aside: just because we don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there!)

In all those years I learned things that had the duality of being helpful and hurtful. I was excellent at being alone and independent, but also unwilling to give other people a chance. My fight or flight mode had me surviving many painful things, though it disrupted my ability to be present in normal circumstances.

What I have started to realize is that it took me many years to get here. Many years of defence mechanisms and resistance, insecurities and pain. Those things don’t leave overnight. They don’t scurry away after a week of therapy– in fact, I think it is fair to say that the true time it takes to deeply heal can rival the time it takes to make these things. Not always. But often.

That’s a scary thought, to be held to the past and the things that hinder my healing for so long. To have this idea that it could take quite some time when I really feel I need to see results now. But what do we get if we take this observation and look at it from a perspective of self-compassion?

We get the recognition that change is scary but valuable. We get to see that it is okay to take time, we can give ourselves permission to recover without assigning deadlines. Without telling ourselves that we should be here or there. We could instead make room for what we want to practice or learn. No should have, not resenting ourselves for what we needed to survive.

I’m tired of trying to grow all the time, trying to create the kind of life that I want. That is half of what is inside of me. But I’m also surprised by how much I have seized and changed and there is more of me here than ever before. I am early in addressing all these things, but I see myself growing with clarity.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I do need to let myself feel frustrated and resentful. I have to keep processing the pain as I go. But I can make the choice to invite in the idea that even if things move slowly, they are moving to change my life and I can see it.

Here's to the possibility of trying, even if our inner voices are not always on our side. Even if it feels like the clock is ticking. We can let ourselves try.

#Bipolar #Therapy #MoodDisorder #Anxiety #Healing #Selfcompassion #mindset #change

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Weekly Emotional Rollercoaster

I'm wondering if it's just me and if I'm right it's probably not. So I've noticed that each day of the week carries with it certain pressures and feelings that come about for me. Friday, I am calm. I feel at ease that the week is over and I'm going into the weekend. Saturday, I sleep in and hide from the world but then somehow come alive and feel vibrant enough to do something. Sunday, I begin feeling angst and feeling guilty for what I haven't done and panicked about all that I have to do. It takes a toll on me sleep-wise and intensifies my negative self-talk. Monday, I am drained before I even get out of bed because my mind has exhausted and raked me over the coals all night. Tuesday, I am afraid that I won't make it through the rest of the week without being confused and unmotivated. Wednesday, I feel the desire to hang on just a little bit more because I'm halfway there and it's almost over. Thursday, anxiety kicks in because I haven't really accomplished anything worth discussing and the vicious cycle continues on and on, week after week. Have you experienced this? Do you have any advice that could help me? #Anxiety #stressful #Adulting #Bipolar #mood #MoodDisorder #Depression #Bipolar2 #SocialAnxiety #sundowns #wellness #stressfuldays #harddays #StrongerTogether

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Am I being over emotional? #Bipolar2Disorder #BipolarDepression #BipolarObsessiveness #MentalHealth #MoodDisorder #MightyPoets #Poem

My boyfriend went back to his city and now I'm alone again.I felt soo. Much sadness that I can't handle it this time. I cried whole night and I wrote this poem for him.

Everytime I see you walking away,
Knowing already that you'll come back my way..

I try to hold that hand of your tighter,
When I see into your eyes like a fighter...

My heart is aching, eyes are watery,
This soul is yours wanna chaseya already..

Everytime when you say you're gonna leave,
I feel I won't survive, coz you're air that I breathe...

I know I'm over missing you, I'm over emotional,
But, Please Don't Go Before I Get Better emotional
Please Don't Go Before I Get Better emotional..🥺💙

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