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Those of you who take/have taken the #antipsychotic Risperidone, did you gain weight? If so, and you got rid of the weight, how long did it take?

I have a super fast metabolism and can lose weight in a flash. But i've been gaining weight. I was sedentary for a few months, then got a large puppy who HAS to go on walks. My normal weight is about 115 lbs. When I started walking I was up to 148 lbs. I've cut my caloric intake by probably half, and since April 24, I've walked over 80 miles, over 170,000 steps (i have a pedometer app) with my dog. After walking over 80 miles in about a month my weight is... still... 148 lbs. I realized last night that the Risperidone is probably the culprit. This happened when I took Lithium. NOT HAPPY.

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Nightmares. #Bipolar #Nightmares #antipsychotic

Had a rough night battling with the nightmares caused by my medication side effects.

To be honest it's a fucked up feeling to be restless in your sleep; waking up as if you did not even sleep.

But for me to be able to be sane in the morning, I need to suck up the side effects at night.


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Am I wrong?

I MISS MY MANIA !!!! Am I a bad person for this? Ever since I started Latuda with my Lithium my mania has completely disappeared. I know it’s bad to be manic, but I miss the feeling- the confidence, the energy. I’ve still had the depression side of things, which I’d rather trade for the manic. I hope someone else can understand what I’m saying. 😫😫😫 #BipolarDisorder #Depression ##PTSD #antipsychotic #ManicEpisodes


Anyone else with #Bipolar2 on 2 #antipsychotic #medications ?

Being that I’m newly #Bipolar2 and at my #Therapist ’s suggestion, I requested that my #Psychiatrist add a #moodstabilizer to my cocktail during my appt today. I asked about #Lamictal , #Trileptal , and #Tegratol , but she put me on #Vraylar . I’m currently also on #SeroquelXR and #Lexapro . It seems weird that I’d get put on 2 antipsychotics when I don’t have any psychotic symptoms. I know that antipsychotics aren’t just for psychosis, but to be on two? Isn’t that overkill? I primarily just wanted relief from my #Hypomania . Also, isn’t Vraylar just for #Bipolar1 ? #BipolarDisorder


Those of you with #Bipolar2 , what’s your medication regimen?

Currently, I’m on an #Antidepressant (escitalopram/Lexapro) and an #antipsychotic (generic Seroquel XR) that’s been proven to work well with #BipolarDisorder . However, my Therapist suggests I get off of the antipsychotic and get on a #moodstabilizer . I’ve been on the antipsychotic before and loved it, so I would like to stay on it and swap the antidepressant for a mood stabilizer. Thoughts? #meds #Medication #MentalHealth #Bipolar2


Therapeutic Lithium Level

At 55 I've been taking lithium for over 30 years for my #BipolarDisorder type 1 along with the #antipsychotic drug #Geodon ...I just wonder how many others would be willing to share their diagnosis and meds they take. Sometimes i feel like i miss the ups and mania...I'm so calm now and am almost tempted to not take my meds so that i can have the surge in energy and mood because i want to stay up all night and write till the break of dawn...