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This is my first post on The Mighty and I just want to introduce myself and then explain why I’m not having a good day right now. I went to the pain doctor on Thursday morning and they decided that after being on my Celebrex anti inflammatory medication for well over 10 years, that I had to take a break immediately. This month and then next month also. Only problem is that the winter weather is coming up and I don’t do well with my pain during that time. I also passed out in August and smacked my right side of my head against the kitchen table, who knows how many times, because I’ve got a spinal fusion in my neck-it actually held up when I hit the table, unfortunately that’s the only good news. The disc above my fusion is bulging out one side of my neck and then the disc below my fusion is bulging out the opposite side of my neck-major whiplash was what I sustained from the hit plus a concussion and then it turned into post concussion syndrome. I don’t see a neurologist until November 8th, my fainting spell happened in August. Even when I told the neurologist office what was going on they wouldn’t work me in any sooner. I’ve been on a heart monitor for 3 weeks, had an echo of my heart and a sleep study already done in those 3 weeks. The cardiologist has said that my heart is only working at 62%. I have no fluid around my heart but I’ve got a couple of different places that have leaky areas in the valve and arteries. Nothing to limit my ability for a procedure or operation. My lung and sleep doctor is working on the idea that I might have narcolepsy. The sleep study that I had done the other night probably will show that I have insomnia. I do suffer from insomnia a lot. I’m just trying to keep my faith in tact. My faith has been a strong part of my life since 1999. I was baptized on a Sunday night and then on Thursday night I was in a terrible auto accident where I was T-boned and both of our vehicles were going at about the speed limit of 55 miles per hour. Just to give you an example of how much faith has played a part in my life, no ambulance was called to the scene of the crash. That’s why my faith is so strong. I’ve been through many other different things in my life and my faith has always been the same. Strong. I’m just trying to get a diagnosis on what’s going on right now because of the multiple fainting spells that I’ve been dealing with. Any ideas on what I should be getting my doctors to look for would help me out a lot. I have on my list POTS, Dysautonomias, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, Stiff Person Syndrome, Lyme disease, EDS, Sjögren, Lupus, Alpha 1. Any other ideas welcomed. Thx for listening.