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New Hashtags to Add to My Collection and a Question

I had MRI’s this week and found out I have yet more issues to add to my ever growing collection. Some I already knew I had, so this was just confirmation. Others are new. Are you ready? Here we go! 😂 These are all related to my cervical and lumbar spine. #Scoliosis , #Arthritis , #SpinalCanalNarrowing , #BoneInflamation , #SpinalStenosis , #bulgingdiscs , #PinchedNerve , one disc almost completely gone. Lots of fun stuff lol.

I’m being referred to a Neurosurgeon, most likely for #SpinalSurgery . I’ve had that before for an emergency spinal fusion, so I expect to be out of commission for awhile. Not sure how I’m going to make that happen. Being out of work for weeks or months, and no one to help me while I’m down. It’s a bit concerning, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it! (Trying to stay positive!)

Question for my Mighties! Have any of you ever heard of bone inflammation/infection? They said it’s not cancer, but what the heck is it? Medical term is #BoneMarrowEdema . Anyone know how that’s treated or what I can expect? Thanks in advance for any Mighty wisdom you may be able to offer!

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So today I did something that some people, myself included, might consider stupid. I got a new mattress to help with my back pain since the one that I had was making it worse since it was falling apart. It got delivered today and I told the delivery people to just leave it on the porch since I and the other people in my household are immuno compromised and the pandemic is still here. And rather than call my family to come help get it in and upstairs to my bedroom I decided to do it myself. I managed to do it, but in doing it, I managed to make the bulging disc in my back worse and trigger a fibro flare. If anyone out there has any recommendations for helping the bulging disc pain in the lumbar region of my spine, it would be greatly appreciated. #Fibromyaliga #BackPain #ChronicPain #Pain #bulgingdiscs #help


Do you regret back surgery?

If you do please tell me why? If you don't, did it really help and makes your life easier? Tell me a little bit about your story.

I'm 26 years old and I have 5 bad discs...
#Backsurgery #BackPain #bulgingdiscs #Herniatedisc

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I woke up to this post this morning while still in bad pain after a long night of tossing and turning from my lumbar nerve pain. I thought to myself this post is so true and so powerful I gotta reshare it. Pretty much sums up life with an illness or illnesses pretty well.... #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #MentalHealth #herniateddiscs #bulgingdiscs #InvisibleIllness #Pain #Spoonie


Sorry for the long post, kind of an intro, kind of a seeking support, mostly a vent/rant, not really a way to TLDR this though

In my process of trying to get pregnant (3.5years) we went to an infertility specialist, she had me go for some testing, where they found I have a blocked left fallopian tube, and my ovaries had endometriomas. I had been trying for over a decade to get someone to take my period pain seriously and agreed to have them go in remove the endometriosis. They preliminarily deduced that it likely had spread to other organs.

Background: I have 1 runted kidney, scoliosis, lordosis, a bulging L4-5 disk, partially bulging T1-2 and T2-3, chronic unknown cause migraines, bells palsy (initial occurance in May), unknown cause muscle/nerve issues in my left leg, left lower back, and left fore-arm. I am hyper-mobile (31yo and can stick both feet behind my head when my body is not otherwise in pain) and for 2 years I have suspected a connective tissue disorder. my belief is ethler danlos syndrome, for which I got laughed out of the geniology office after missing the test for it by 1 point, and she didn't run any others.

They scheduled my procedure as out patient on the 30th, laprascopic, as would normally be scheduled. With the concern of a connective tissue disorder (my gyno was the first to take that concern seriously) she ordered an echo of my heart to check for aortic problems. They found some minor (like barely detectable) excess fluid on the heart, but nothing else was wrong, my new cardiologist cleared me for surgery.

My surgery went ahead as scheduled Sept 30th, they cleared the endometrioma from my right ovary, the outside of my uterus, the outside of my bladder, and a small bit on my abdominal wall. They did not detect any on my fallopian tubes or GI tract. They drained the endometrioma from the left ovary prepping to remove it at some point, but did not get to removing it because of course, something went wrong.

My left illiac artery developed a tear and started pumping blood into my abdominal cavety. They sliced me open belly button to groin and sutured the tear, the sutures tore, then they got the next set to stick. They closed me up and sent me to recovery. Where they decided to also keep me overnight for observation.

Overnight I developed a thrombosis (clot) and had to be taken for emergency surgery the next day. By mid-day I'm under the knife again. This time they had ambulanced me to the other location for the hospital which had the trauma 1 center with the imaging equipment in the same room as the surgery theater. My father (an anesthesiologist and intensivist) said this single decision probably saved my life.

(see comment for the rest)

#Infertility #Pregnancy #Surgery #Endometriosis #clot #stent #almostdied #NearDeathExperiences #Depression #MentalHealth #Anxiety #frustration #Insomnia #Scoliosis #lordosis #bulgingdiscs #nervepain #BellsPalsy


Am I useless? #Anxiety #Depression #Fibromyalgia #DegenerativeDiscDisease #Spinalbonespur #bulgingdiscs #Migraine #RestlessLegsSyndrome

I can’t go through a day without breaking down. I’ve got referrals in the works for both psychology and psychiatry appointments. I cannot function in my current state. So much pain and the meds are doing nothing! I need income but can’t stand for more than a few minutes without my legs going weak, can’t sit long because the bone spur on my spine (tailbone) is literally a pain in the ass. Even getting comfortable in a laying position is difficult. I’m so fed up with disappointing everyone around me. I’m sorry I’m sick. I can’t help it and dammit it’s not just laziness. I’ve applied for disability and been denied. The lawyers that are supposed to be there to help won’t. I’m literally stuck.


Pain Dr Taking Me Off Of My Anti Inflammatory Medicine

#Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #Migraine #Arthritis #Osteoarthritis #bulgingdiscs #PinchedNerve #spondolyosis #PostconcussionSyndrome #BipolarDisorder #Anxiety #AnxietyAttack #Fainting #Heartoperatingatonly62 % #Asthma #ChronicDailyHeadache #Chronicbronchitis #Spinalcervicaldiscectomyfusion
This is my first post on The Mighty and I just want to introduce myself and then explain why I’m not having a good day right now. I went to the pain doctor on Thursday morning and they decided that after being on my Celebrex anti inflammatory medication for well over 10 years, that I had to take a break immediately. This month and then next month also. Only problem is that the winter weather is coming up and I don’t do well with my pain during that time. I also passed out in August and smacked my right side of my head against the kitchen table, who knows how many times, because I’ve got a spinal fusion in my neck-it actually held up when I hit the table, unfortunately that’s the only good news. The disc above my fusion is bulging out one side of my neck and then the disc below my fusion is bulging out the opposite side of my neck-major whiplash was what I sustained from the hit plus a concussion and then it turned into post concussion syndrome. I don’t see a neurologist until November 8th, my fainting spell happened in August. Even when I told the neurologist office what was going on they wouldn’t work me in any sooner. I’ve been on a heart monitor for 3 weeks, had an echo of my heart and a sleep study already done in those 3 weeks. The cardiologist has said that my heart is only working at 62%. I have no fluid around my heart but I’ve got a couple of different places that have leaky areas in the valve and arteries. Nothing to limit my ability for a procedure or operation. My lung and sleep doctor is working on the idea that I might have narcolepsy. The sleep study that I had done the other night probably will show that I have insomnia. I do suffer from insomnia a lot. I’m just trying to keep my faith in tact. My faith has been a strong part of my life since 1999. I was baptized on a Sunday night and then on Thursday night I was in a terrible auto accident where I was T-boned and both of our vehicles were going at about the speed limit of 55 miles per hour. Just to give you an example of how much faith has played a part in my life, no ambulance was called to the scene of the crash. That’s why my faith is so strong. I’ve been through many other different things in my life and my faith has always been the same. Strong. I’m just trying to get a diagnosis on what’s going on right now because of the multiple fainting spells that I’ve been dealing with. Any ideas on what I should be getting my doctors to look for would help me out a lot. I have on my list POTS, Dysautonomias, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, Stiff Person Syndrome, Lyme disease, EDS, Sjögren, Lupus, Alpha 1. Any other ideas welcomed. Thx for listening.