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Just wondering…

Does anyone want to hear how having undiagnosed temporal lobe epilepsy after a traumatic brain injury and having new traumatic experiences since have cured my dissociative amnesia that resulted from a month long coma?

#TraumaticBrainInjury #TBI #dissociativeamnesia #spiritualawakening #ChronicIllness #TemporalLobeEpilepsy #neurodivergent

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So often we concern ourselves with what our purpose is in this life, and "What if I never find it?" Rest assured, my dear, you need not wander the earth in search of this. Understand that you came into this life "with purpose," and have lived every day with purpose. You are never without purpose. You have no idea the lives you have affected already, in beautiful and magical ways, just by being who you are. Influence is your superpower, and every day is another opportunity to change someone's world, including your own. #MentalHealth #Selflove #weareone #spiritualawakening #youknowme

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I need this reminder today! #depression #anxiety #hsp #cptsd #recoveringadultchild #emotionalabuse #sufferedinsilence #spiritualawakening

This is another layer of shame I have been buried under from the beginning of my existence. Step one, I am at least more conscientiously aware. I am waking up

I have only had a very intangible and vague sense that “I am shame”. Only now am I starting to identify why I was made to “feel” shame of no fault of my own. I need to unburden myself from shame. It does not not need to define me. There is not anything fundamentally wrong with me. The distorted belief I have been holding for so long.

I internalized the mixed up, confusing unhealthy emotions my parents infused me with from my first breath. It does not matter they did not intentionally or maliciously intend to the result is just as devastating. At least I can start to heal. It’s not easy even with this new awareness but for me knowledge is power.


#cycleofabuse #SituationalDepression

I've missed being in contact with all of you mighties!! Before the holidays i was slammed with a #SituationalDepression ; i had no idea a #SituationalDepression , as opposed to clinical, could be totally debilitating. Talked with my psych nurse. I'm "trapped" in the cycle of #emotional /psychological abuse, decades long. A hamster wheel. As my husband saw my soul grow to a #spiritualawakening , he sabotaged my access to any joint bank accounts. I live far from my loved ones but i FINALLY reachecd out for help from loved ones; shared my story; my hurt; my pain. There ongoing love and support has always been unconditional. I WILL visit all of them, including my father who has alzheimer's. As always, i am so grateful for nuggets of priceless wisdom i have learned through dark times. I see no end to getting off this forced hamster wheel but i am duligent in doing the best i can with #Selfcare . My soul cannot be broken!