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Mental & physical health keep declining
#MajorDepression #Anxiety #CPTSD #ADHD #SituationalDepression

I wish a few select people I still have contact with would spend some time with me (an entire day/weekend), so they could see for themselves just how badly my quality of life is due to my declining mental and physical health.
I have no help with things I cannot do alone, (surgeries put off because I have no help at the hospital or recuperating).

People have offered help with small things, but when I ask directly, they ignore me, so how could they possibly mean it? How can I depend on someone else when I can’t depend on myself any longer to care?

I spend ALL of my time alone except for my dog. I tell people who know me and say they care that loneliness will be what gets me in the end. I mean that.
Then there’s silence. WHY do I keep doing this when nobody cares?

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Hello group members

Hi I am not often on the app and just saw this request and message. Thank you for reaching out you are the kind of person this world can use more of :) you have a great day ☺️. I'm working through some issues following a car accident few years ago. My vertebrae is crushed and cause some serious pain some days. I have worked with a psychologist this last year and it has if anything helped me accept my new limitations and subsequent losses attached to my daily chronic pain. Again thank you for your message. Best regards...Nat #ChronicPain #SituationalDepression #sueDiseaseMCTD #Anxiety #finding

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Songs That Say It All…

<p>Songs That Say It All…</p>
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Situational and clinical depression

I’ve been having problems at work for months, ranging from stress from my workload to just general disinterest in my job and lack of motivation. It’s gotten to the point where I actually cried during one of my Zoom meetings today so I figured, yeah, time to talk to someone again. The thing is this feels very situational, which is irritating to me because I already have major depression, I’d rather not experience another form of depression. At least it’s something I know I can work through now that I’ve identified that it’s not simply a “work is hard” problem but an actual issue that’s having a negative effect on my satisfaction and relationships with coworkers. #Depression #ChronicDepression #MajorDepressiveDisorder #MajorDepression #SituationalDepression #Anxiety #Stress

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Community Voices


Hello everyone. For those of you who know me know about my dysfunctional family. I'm planning on moving out soon and need some pointers and advice on how to make packing up my stuff and taking it out of the house go smoothly. Im thinking I need law enforcement due to the violence from the past. I honestly want to feel safe while removing my belongings and making sure nothing is broken or taken and that I'm not hurt. Idk how to talk to my family since they just choose to hear but not actually understand me. #Advice #movingout #Familydrama #thinkingofmymentalandphysicalhealth #Anxiety #Stress #SituationalDepression

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What happens now?

I had a very intense talk with my family lastnight. I wish I could've recorded it. I'd put it on blast. Because it shows alot of stupidity. I got my point across. I told my folks I need space to be able to grow. It turned negative and I'm still in pain from my eyes from crying. Still feel tired. But I hope this outcry made them realize that I need to live for myself. And not be treated like a child. There were alot of triggers in the convo I even yelled because they yelled at me and even broke the #1 rule when talking to a suicidal person. Never tell them "if you want to die you want us to die" they made it about them. They also refused to help me get help for my mental health. Because they didn't want me to be labled. I dont care. My mental health is more important. All that aside. They saw that I was wanting to be more independent and given chances to go out with friends. I just pray and hope they allow me my freedom to grow and blossom. If not I think I'll have to move out and never see them again. #Talk #controllingparents #adult #Anxiety #SituationalDepression #SuicidalIdeation

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