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    Wasn't sure if I should post this, but I'm looking for community support. During the last few years I've had to cut some people out of my life. Some of them I was very close with. I know that it's not good to stay in toxic relationships but I don't know how to deal with the complexity of letting someone that I knew well, go. Part of me is sad and feels lonely, like when I cut off my toxic ex-friend. Another part of me feels relieved because I am free of the toxicity. I'm not sure what I feel, perhaps it's sadness. How do you cope with cutting someone off? #toxicrelationship

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    I recently got out of the hospital for #Depression #Anxiety #SuicidalIdeation . I had an eleven day stay. I just got home last Wednesday. I learned a lot about boundaries and communicating my feelings and needs. I got my medication changed a bit. I left feeling so much better...stronger.

    I set up boundaries with my toxic friend, only for him to steal from me. He gave me back my car keys and key to my apartment. But during his last visit he stole them back and then took my vehicle. He brought it back thankfully. I got all my keys back and am getting my locks changed. The relationship is Over...I finally had enough...enough of the abuse and enough strength to put an end to it.

    I feel sad, hurt, angry, betrayed. I feel sad because I do love him and want good for him. But I know in order for me to stay emotionally well, it has to be over. I will greive my loss. The loss of companionship, the loss of who I used to be before we ever met, the many years of my life lost because I was too #codependent and anxious to leave it.

    I'm grateful though to get back to living life without #verbalabuse #EmotionalAbuse . I'm learning I'm stronger and more courageous than I ever knew.

    #toxicrelationship #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety

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    Community Voices


    Two months ago, my partner left me for someone else. Our relationship was toxic and he did cheat on me before, but I still had hope that he would change and we could make it work. You see I have anxious attachment style, so I was needy and always felt like he had one foot out of the door. I know I push people away but I thought he would love me through my hard days like I loved him through his. He was the one person that I truly opened up to in a lot of different ways. I was pushing him away but I never wanted him to leave. I was so lost in my pain. He told me that his new relationship is better than ours. He gets along with her and they communicate better. I’m crushed. I feel so unworthy of understanding and love. It’s been two months. I had to block him today because he writes me every once in awhile. I just can’t talk to him anymore. Every time I do, I get depressed. I’ve decided to be single and date myself for once. I want to break the toxic cycle that keeps replaying in my relationships. I just want to be happy, heal, and forgive myself for my past mistakes. I want to like and love myself. I lost myself in that relationship and allowed the pain that I felt to change me into someone that I am not proud of. I feel like I let myself down. #toxicrelationship #Depression #Lettinggo #SeparationAnxiety #brokenheart #sad

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    Broke no contact with toxic ex feeling awful and guilty

    I thought I was doing so well but recently the sickening memories aren’t enough and all I can think of were the happy times so I thought. I miss him so much I just want to be “safe” in his arms but staying with him almost killed me but I also feel the same without him. One thing that really hurts me is I’m young and he’s a lot older I’ve always wanted kids and I almost had my first child with him and now I have this longing for something that never existed 💔 I feel like I don’t have the right at my young age to be jealous/emotional of other mothers with their babies. I feel so alone in this I have been in toxic relationships before but he is like what you see in movie you never believe it till happens to you. Thank you if you read and respond 🙏 #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #Disability #Upallnight #Crying #toxicrelationship #Advice #CheckInWithMe

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    Feeling lonely

    After an argument with my sister I feel lonely. We are not in touch now, maybe for good. Just after an argument she tried to write to me, but I just couldn't stand any contact with her then. A bit later I tried to write to her, but she didn't reply back.

    I had a feeling that our relationship was getting toxic again. And also I was repressing lots of things unsaid, trying not to offend her. Finally I couldn't bear it anymore and wrote some things she got offended about. Sad... I don't like to offend people. #FamilyAndFriends #toxicrelationship #Loneliness

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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    I wished I’d never meet my fiancée .. he has ruin me mentally , emotionally, he cheated on me twice... and I’m too dumb to leave him bc I’m in love.

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