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Our mood today #Sleeplessnight # migraine #Dystonia #ChronicIllness

From bed to the couch, that’s my morning so far, well I did have a cup of coffee so that’s good!😊 I wonder if my Kula feels the same way. He sure looks more tired than I am. My two rescues do seem to try and comfort me during my storms.


Very much awake! #Cantsleep

Feeling so very awake and guilty. We made it out to my parents for dinner and it was excellent but I'm now exhausted and feeling really guilty my husband does so much for me and I can see things starting to get to him. I feel guilty a lot of the time anyway, but it's particularly bad right now and I think I'll be in for another sleepless night #Sleeplessnight #wideawakeclub #Feelingsad

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Hopeful Moments

Starting back at therapy and nervous. Been struggling so long and trying to believe it gets better eventually. My therapist is more than qualified for what I need now and I feel the trust there. Trauma and memories have held me back for long enough. I know I'm ready for it. I just hope I can hold up under the hurts. Any suggestions as I move forward? #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #Therapy #Sleeplessnight #Nightmares

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Green bug, what's the secret you're keeping? #ADHD #sleeplessnights

I am tired. And not sleeping again. I have to turn off my phone. Maybe that will help.

Have fun dear people. I'm going to try and find the secret behind the green bug 🤔😉🐞
#ADHD #Sleeplessnight


Brain fog

I’ve really stuggled with sleep these past few years and it’s starting to take a toll on me. I think I’ve tried melatonin (which does nothing for me) I use lavender oil on the soles of my feet and that works mildly. My struggle is falling asleep and staying asleep , I sleep for a few hours then I’m awake for a few hours .. if I’m lucky I can go back to sleep for a couple more hours . It really sucks lol I feel not myself I’m more agitated and out of it (spacey). I think the disruption. is mostly do from stress in personal life and heightened by quarentine / coronavirus etc. I’m tired of feeling tired all the time.
I’ve also been feeling unmotivated to want to establish connections with others and feeling easily agitated . I’ve been getting pretty frustrated with others and how they treat me / speak to me especially when I’m not functioning at my best ... like I’m dumb or something . I’m also like a introverted Person and I think that being quiet in nature Is often perceived and not as not as intelligent ???
I do mention my struggles with sleep occasionally it not often because I feel like it’s not worth bringing up mostly cause I just think others wouldn’t get it or care.
#sleeplessness #SleepDeprivation #Sleeplessnight

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Awake at night

It's almost 1 am and I can't sleep. My mind keeps playing several scenes, like a movie. Scenes of my friend and our friendship. The friend who has been hurting me. Or, better, the friend who has been the reason why I have been hurting myself. He didn't do anything, he is just staying away struggling with depression and engaged in his own life, while I watch my self esteem being challenged. Maybe I am a reinforcing seeker. Why would a person be so attached to someone when there's absolutely no romantic feelings involved? Why am I so? This question tricks me. A side of me which doesn't make any sense. Maybe I am just to proud to walk away from what has become now a toxic friendship. It's all in my mind anyway.

#obsessivethoughts #toxicfriendships #toxicfriends #Sleeplessnight



Most people with one diagnosis also have another or two or three or 12. I am really struggling with disorders that like to fight with each other. I have Bipolar (2) Disorder, OCD, and recently diagnosed fibromyalgia (plus others). I get in depressive states that heighten my fibro pain and mind blanking and prevent me from satisfying my OCD. I fall behind of schoolwork just about every week because I work myself to death on my good days. My fibro and Bipolar disorder sort of steer the ship throughout the week and then my OCD panics and takes the wheel over the weekend because all my assignments are due on Monday. I overwork myself but manage to keep all A's which is the only way to keep my OCD somewhat content. As soon as Monday hits I am exhausted from the weekend and keep falling asleep during my classes. It is a vicious cycle that I can't seem to break.

What diagnoses do you guys have that tend to contradict one another? I'd love to hear your stories. Also any advice from people in similar situations would be greatly appreciated. #BipolarDisorder #BipolarDepression #Bipolar2Disorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Obsessions #perfectionism #FibroFog #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Sleeptoomuch #Sleeplessnight #MentalHealth


I need advice on what to do when your loved one with Lyme can’t sleep?I didn’t sleep at all last night and now she can’t sleep again? I was mean...😕

#lyme #LymeWars #ChronicLymeDisease #Sleeplessnight

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#Sleeplessnight #frustrated

Since having Influenza A and my migraines acting up and this whole Coronavirus I don’t sleep.

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What do you guys do to sleep when you’re not tired?..

I haven’t slept all night and I’m still not tired... But I feel like I should sleep because the room is almost starting to spin... And my head is like not working... 😅 #Sleeplessnight #Anxiety #Depression #Schitzophrenia