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Weird DPDR symptom?

Hey guys,
I’m a little nervous to post this because I haven’t heard of anyone else with this specific symptom and because I also struggle with OCD/anxiety, it makes me feel like I’m going crazy. I’ve also been diagnosed with depression and DPDR. So the weird symptom is that when I feel really stressed sometimes I feel like there’s a little me observing myself from the inside (specifically the left side) of my brain. It kind of feel like my consciousness has moved to the side and that I’m a small version of myself operating a robot (aka my body). But because I also have OCD, I become hyper focused on this symptom and when my anxiety is bad I can convince myself that I’m crazy or losing my mind or schizophrenic. It really freaks me out. But I’ve never lost touch with reality I just feel really weird and frustrated. I’d love to hear some feedback and to see if anyone else has ever felt this way? It would mean a lot to me to know I’m not alone in this. Thanks for reading 🙂 #dpdr #weirdsymptoms #OCD #Depression #Depersonalization #Derealization #feelalone

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Does anyone have symptoms not with standing up but mainly after exertion, eating, bending down with chest discomfort and sometimes dizziness? #POTS

#AutonomicDysfunction #LivingWithPOTS #weirdsymptoms

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Fed Up with Weird Symptoms

Every day it seems like there's another new, weird, random, inexplicable symptom. So tired of it. This is a picture of my forearm right now. What caused this rash? How long will it be there? Why does it recur every few months, to a greater or lesser degree? No one knows anything; no known answers. I feel like a leper. #weirdsymptoms #SpoonieProblems #Flareup #autoimmune ? #Fibromyalgia #ChronicEverything

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#Rash weird

Over the past few weeks, I've had loads of these little red rashes come up all over my arms, torso and top of my leg. They don't itch or hurt in the slightest but more and more keep appearing. Does anyone else get this? Do you know what it is? #Rash #weirdsymptoms #weirdbody

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Fellow lupies: anyone have specific cold arms or legs? #Lupus #coldextremeties #symptoms #weirdsymptoms

Recently I started a flare where my arms and legs grow cold and almost feel numb. I have a feeling it's affecting my nervous system right now because my head seems to be harder to hold up and I'm just exhausted beyond belief. I just wondered if anyone else has or have had these symptoms??? #symptoms #Lupus #coldarms #coldlegs #nervoussystem #numb