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Hey! 👋🏻 Im new here! I litterally feel so horrible at this moment but hello everyone… I Feel So Alone .. And oh and off through my whole (day) has been on and off tears running down my face….:(((( ughh! I Feel so mentally drained.
#BipolarDepression #Depression #Sadness #Suicide #worthless #feelalone

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Hi, I'm Jenn... So glad to have found this!!!!

Hello... I am new here... KrazeeBootiful80... That's ME!
I'm 41 and was misdiagnosed at 17 as manic depressive bipolar. At 30 I was rediagnosed with BPD... My daddy diagnosed me at 15 when he would call me Katie Kaboom from the cartoons we watched as kids, Tiny Toons if I am not mistaken. ("We're tiny, we're tooney, we're all a little looney...") I am so thankful for this site/app!!! Thanks so much to the creators!!!! God bless you!!! #Crazy #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPDDiagnosis #ThankYou #feelalone

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Weird DPDR symptom?

Hey guys,
I’m a little nervous to post this because I haven’t heard of anyone else with this specific symptom and because I also struggle with OCD/anxiety, it makes me feel like I’m going crazy. I’ve also been diagnosed with depression and DPDR. So the weird symptom is that when I feel really stressed sometimes I feel like there’s a little me observing myself from the inside (specifically the left side) of my brain. It kind of feel like my consciousness has moved to the side and that I’m a small version of myself operating a robot (aka my body). But because I also have OCD, I become hyper focused on this symptom and when my anxiety is bad I can convince myself that I’m crazy or losing my mind or schizophrenic. It really freaks me out. But I’ve never lost touch with reality I just feel really weird and frustrated. I’d love to hear some feedback and to see if anyone else has ever felt this way? It would mean a lot to me to know I’m not alone in this. Thanks for reading 🙂 #dpdr #weirdsymptoms #OCD #Depression #Depersonalization #Derealization #feelalone

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BPD silent treatment

I know it’s the BPD causing it, and I’ve tried to show love, be empathetic, and reassure her about her worries because I will love her till the day I die, and will stay by her through sickness and health… but it’s soul destroying being stonewalled …. Just ignored and non existent no matter how hard I try. I’ve even tried letting her have her space but afterwards I get worried that this is the wrong thing and is making her feel abandoned, yet if I don’t give her space I feel like I’m making things worse still. Is it just me that feels physical pain during the silent period? Im so anxious, i can’t stop crying as I feel like a failure as a human being when I’m trying so hard to help and support… It makes me feel abandoned and invalidated which is the irony when it’s her fear of abandonment and invalidation that causes her a trigger for BPD. #helpme #feelalone

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Coming to Reality and I’m almost 42

3 days ago I finally learned the truth about my biological mother who raised me…and shouldn’t have. Long story short. Narcissistic, manipulating, controlling and possessive. Endured years of psychological, emotional and physical abuse and climbed out and have been trying to break free since 14. I have numbed myself for the last 2 years as an functioning addict. I’ve been in similar marriages but been single for 2.5 years now and have moved 45 mins away from my mother. But when I was young she hired someone to kill my father. Unbeknownst to her, she contacted an undercover detective. I have been lied to my whole life and been part of “he said - she said” between my parents. But after year of searching for whose telling the truth, my dad. I spoke with the detective myself after locating and reaching out. I have no bitterness except to the court system who barely charged her and have her custody of me. I have learned boundaries and to love myself. But now that o know the truth noise in my head is becoming quiet and I just feel lost….I don’t know who I am behind my mask. I deal with c-ptsd daily. But no one knows. I’m tired and want to know what a normal life looks like. I trust no one and never have. But now there’s hope for healing and to learn who I am. Just sucks it’s this late in life. Neither parent knows I talked to the “hit man” and I will never tell them I know. They know, my dad and step mom, that I have distanced myself from my mom and am working on me. But now? I feel validated for the bad thoughts and feelings I’ve had since I was a young child. But it doesn’t change things or make me feel anymore “ normal”. I have always felt like an outsider like I don’t belong. But I’m trying to live happily and look at life from a different perspective. I’m free from her control now and possession and “rules”…..just lost so much time with my dad and siblings that were born out of his other marriage. #Roadtorecovery #CPTSD #feelalone



Hello. I am new to this community because a leader reached out to me. I am so very greatful for him doing so. I have fibro, depression and anxiety, was diagnosed over 20 years ago. I have way too many thoughts in my head to put them all in a post. I know fibro and the rest are becoming more talked about in society but some days I feel as if everyone thinks I’m trying to get out of things or just over acting. I am not a sitter…I have always been go,go,go. But I cannot anymore. If I try, I end up hurting myself. Things bother me that NEVER used to. I guess I just need to be able to voice my close verbs and worries and I thank you. Thanks for listening.#Depression #feelalone


We’re do I start

I’ve been suffering all my life. Even typing this gives me anxiety because I feel like all I do is complain. I need help. I need support. But, I need to listen and learn how to be sympathetic to others. I’m in pain all the time. #painsucks . But I’m an emotional wreck that I can’t think of others. #Anxiety #Stress #abused #feelalone I don’t feel like typing a lot but I needed to start somewhere. Thank you. #lost


Just not knowing...#depressing#feelalone#Nofuture

During this time of staying home has made me feel useless, I am a PSW on parental leave....however; I should have returned to work today. I am unable to return because of the Covid...not too many clients want to be helped at this time and other PSWs are only working half days. Apparently, Im not needed. What feels worst is my boyfriend has decided not to allow my grandson and I go with him shopping anymore. The reason is because my 16 month old screams, randomly when he is frustrated or can't get his way. It's part of his development, so I've been managing it as https://well.as I can. We were in a store picking a new lamp, because the baby screamed a few times while we were trying to pick a lamp, my boyfriend started walking away. Basically he doesn't want us to go with him anywhere anymore, because as he said "can't do anything with a screaming kid." He was stressed out. Apparently he had a terrible day. I honestly think maybe might be time to move on...but I have no place to go. I really need to reevaluate my life and situation and figure out whats best for me and my grandson. #unforseenfuture #thinkhard #justdontknowrightnow


feel like getting nowhere

feel like hitting dead wall all the time and not getting anywhere, with physicists, councillor, parent, family or along with myself. don't matter what I do or try that wall is always there stopping or blocking me. I find it hard 2talk but I'm try2. feels like cant do anything right with my partner or family & feels like they don't understand. #DepressionAndMentalHealth #PTSD #anxious #feelalone #Fibromyalgia