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    what avice do you guys have about getting a job?

    im 25 and ive never had a job. i volenteer alot and i have a nice looking resume and all that. ive gone on indeed and ive applyed to over 98 different places and i havent had any job interviews. im legally blind and cant drive other then that you'd never know that i have any issues. it seems like im just wasting my time at this point and i need to reachout to someone. im really deperate because i have found that my selfesteam and confidence is directly linked to feeling that im helping or that im needed.

    there are no employment agencys where i live and alot of them seem to be a waste of time aswell they have part time work one day a week everyother week, type work. im now at a loss as to why i never get called back or why its so hard to actually find work when i see these burnt out druggies and alcohalics getting high paying jobs from week to week like its nothing. i just bully the crap out of myself telling myself all these negitive things about myself as reasons why i didnt get called back. i just begining to hurt inside and feel unwanted.

    #Anxiety #Depression #Disability #LegallyBlind #rejected #why #Work #Job #Jobs #self-doubt #Welfare #Whatswrong #Whatsthepoint

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    Anyone else have problems getting through the grocery store without having a near panic-attack/ depression halfway through?? Thinking about trying to start a support group for single people to meet up and grocery shop so it doesn’t feel so awful. I try to be grateful for the fact that I have access to food since many people don’t. Yet having to use WIC checks and food stamps while trying to raise my 2 year old solo always bums me out. Never needed welfare in my 34 years, yet that’s the price I’m paying now after having to flee my sons abusive father, go back to school & try to start all over. Trips to the store are positively exhausting. Used to be something I enjoyed. No more. Now I’m lucky to get through it without breaking down in tears. Hope someday I’ll feel “normal” again.

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