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Say Hello #Chatspace #DistractMe

It's the weekend now

I'm wide awake far too early
And I need some distraction
So come and say hello

And give me something other than my four walls of my house to look at please!!!


#Chatspace #fourwalls #Hello #Early #Earlyup #weekendfeelings #Tj ##lo #Hugs #checkonyourneighbours #stayhome #TrigeminalNeuralgia #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #Bekind #Stayindoors #Fourwallsnodoors


Do you wonder what death feels like?

I haven't felt like this is months. I was beginning to forget what crying yourself to sleep and the emptiness inside feels like. I find myself crying every night again and it just makes me angry. Angry at myself for feeling like this again. I haven't thought about the emptiness for a long time, but tonight...tonight I'm laying in bed wondering what death feels like. Do you think its peaceful? Do you think that it could just be a pit of nothingness? Because that's what I want. I dont want to feel or hurt or cry or worry or be lonely anymore. I want to feel nothing...#Depression #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder ##lo #lonely


For all I know, we all want love.

For all I know, we all want love
That is all we crave.
But they also tell us be brave
It is all in your head they say.

I wish it was all in my head, I say.
I wish it was all just in my head.
The craving
The starving
The ache, let it all just be in my head
Tell me why does it daub my entire body then?
Why do my arms crave that hug
And my hands crave yours to be fit
My starving soul feeds on your words
Tell me why?
Then why do you flow in my body through the veins
Then why do you feel like the air I need to survive, to breathe.

Tell me again, why is it just not in my head?

#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #loveinboderline ##lo


What is mental illness was an alien feeding on - energy

I recently found this intriguing documentary about the human mind. It's approach to why so many people suffer in the inside is unique to me but it does make sense. Hell, it actually reminds me of the movie "They Live" from the 90's. It's scary but it does have a sort of truthful vibe to it.
All in all it tries to explain the source of suffering, stress and also kind of as well mental illness.
Your should check this out if you are one to invest a couple hours for a possible solution to the miserable life we live. :P and as well if you love mystery

Here is the link: youtu.be/pPWUFUPykk0

#Documentary #mental #illness ##lo #sfidante


Totally lost it

I totally lost my shit today. Day 12 of neuralgia pain; day five off work - three days last week, two days this week.

I decided to self medicate. Now I’m stoned and drunk. Good idea, right? Sigh.

I just need something to get rid of the pain. I’m going stir crazy. I hate being isolated.

Hoping tomorrow will be better. I have a date with my best friend and we always have the best time.

##lo #lonely