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After a recent loss of relationship, I began to meditate on the concept of loneliness. My pastor recently did a sermon on friendship and this was a study he quoted in his opening moments...

"Loneliness effects our well-being: equal to 15 cigarettes a day, equal to being an alcoholic, more harmful than not exercising, two times as harmful as obesity to our health."

It takes vulnerability to cultivate life-giving relationships and a unique resilience. It also takes alignment, whether it's a friendship, a business relationship, a family member, or an intimate relationship; being on the same page matters. And pulling in the same direction matters.

Not everyone is for everyone and that is okay. What loss represents, the hole it leaves and the hope it takes with it for a season is real. It's okay to feel those things. It's okay to sit with that.

Your real health navigator,


#Loneliness #alignment


After so many #decadesdenials (#itsafamthing )#IOWNBIPOLAR

I am a woman of contradictions. I'm okay with that. I've suffered many losses from many causes. Today's topic is: #enlightenment
The type that you possess within you but may not make itself known until the proper aspects your universe move into #alignment and suddenly your body and mind welcome you to #Awareness ! My feelings on such situations (since #Iamnotincontrol ) is #dearlordwhatlooparewegoingthrunooooow ? Along with #ohnohurryitup and #alltheusual wishful thinkin's. Well, dramatic intro aside, I deep down, truly, [despite official diagnosis at age 19] and the #familyhistory just did jot want to believe I was #Bipolar . But today I finally could no longer unintentionally deny that I have been repeatedly #Manic so manic times over the past years.

It may seem odd that I am a functioning (use of that word here is questionable :) ) mostly accepting previously #BipolarTypeII ... But, I look at it with some apparent clarity and I see the storied tales of bipolar starlets of the golden age... The age of the #manicdepressive , #doll 💄💎. My family does not like to accept with any emotion, illness. Which does not go well with a #HighlysensitivePerson , or #HSP . I am #hypervigilant and also an #empath . An #empath is a being who is extra sensitive to their environment, some people are able to sense more in certain areas than other persons but these gifts are very draining on the person who has them. They cannot be turned on or off, however people can try to learn #tactics to help them deal with the #negative effects. Back to bipolar!

I am still feeling like I am in shock. I feel fairly alone in this aside from some new special friends of mine I met recently. I also have a #RareDisease which causes me daily pain and degradation of my joints/spine with no cure. My story is a big one. I would love to tell everyone out there. I am just in a situation... Jeez! Lol.

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