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Bipolar Type 2

Hi just wondering does anyone experience extreme lows coming into the summer months? I’d say from April till about a week ago I had a really bad low where I could see little hope for the future. My inner crtitique was on fire and the sense of worthlessness I had about myself was accelerating. I’ve noticed over the last number of years this is a common experience for me. I tend to come out of it June/July. Just to note I had a very good high prior to this loads of energy inflated sense of self and took on loads to do and got loads done. I felt like I took a very abrupt swung from being on top of things to struggle to get out of the bed literally every day. Just wondering does anyone else have such an experience? Does anyone have an explanation for the seasonal element? I understand people get low during winter but this baffles me as to why mine seems to get set off coming into the summer. Thanks in advance 😃
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is it really normal to deny the diagnosis of your doctor and find like you’re feeling better right after being diagnosed?

Ive been diagnosed with bipolar two disorder and GAD just 4 days ago. I just started taking my medicine for bipolar two and I dont feel like I need to be drinking them since I feel very stable at the moment. I dont even know how to distinguish “mood swings” or if it’s part of Bipolar two. Ive been recollecting memories which I can associate with hypomania since I’m still trying to make sense out of what the doctor diagnosed me. I was actually shocked because I thought it was just a simple depression and anxiety but the doctor said I have bipolar two. Anyway, only my parents and my bf know about this. I cant even tell them how hard it is for me to make sense out of everything. Also, I dont know when to take Xanax because my doctor told me to drink it as needed. #BipolarDisorder #BipolarTypeII #Bipolar2Disorder #Anxiety #Lamotrigine #Xanax


#BipolarTypeII I'd like to know how we can determine we are better

I hear all the positive affirmations and the encouraging words about how we are getting better by simply 'staying with it' or 'not giving up' and giving in to our suicidal tendencies, but I would simply like to know how can we determine if we are really getting better. What are the metrics and if so, how do we use them?

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Smoking with bipolar disorder?

They diagnosed me with type 2 bipolar disorder last year. Of course within that I have major depressive disorder. My psychiatrist and my therapist both want me on medication (for obvious reasons) but I really don’t wanna do that until maybe I can find a natural option to help. Marijuana is legal where I live as long as you have a card so I was wondering if anyone else uses that to help? Even cbd by chance? I just wanted some opinions. ☺️ thanks #Bipolar #BipolarTypeII #MajorDepressionDisorder


I've been sober from alcohol for a year now. I used to binge drink which would lead to thoughts or actions of self harm. This year has been probably the safest year for me. I'm proud but also annoyed that I cannot drink alcohol safely since it's such a socially accepted and expected thing to do.

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