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the day suddenly turned into a funny beginning

I came back from the city to spend the weekend at home.
Today everyone has stuff to do, so I'm alone.
Coming back from my alone life in the city to be alone again kinda felt a bit disappointing, for a while; at the beginning.

I was rehearsing my to do list and checking my surrounding, ackowledging the presence of my pets, when I said to myself:
"Ce, you have spent two years like this, alone at home. Don't you dare telling me you don't know how to engage in self-time".
Eheh, it suddently has become funny.
I may be laughing in tiny.!

I'm preparing a 1l kettle of tea, I'm gonna take a shower (when I'll feel ready to, though), fix my hair, I'm gonna try and reply to my penpal's letter, study a bit, take a walk, maybe with my dog, try and take some autumn pictures again, listen to some music and sing along; I have two biscuits and a little bunch of chestnuts to eat and my cats. Plus, I could come up with many more activities, so, yep, I'm finding it funny that for a moment I have been feeling sad at the idea of spending the majority of this day alone.
Now I can't wait to do all of these stuff while being alone.
[I'm so used to be alone that this is obviously the reason why I was feeling sad. But between this and stating that I don't know what to do alone there's a huge gap; I wasn't paying attention ^^]

I'm gonna enjoy myself and any thing I'll have around.



#alone #Loneliness #Metime #ME #Pets #Hobby #Selfcare #Alonetime


× " Yaaay! I'm Going To Ve Alone For A Few Day's " × #Alonetime #KindOf

× " Sooo Apparently These People Are Going On A Vacation. And I'm Alway's The Last One To Know About Thier Stupid Plan's. Whatever I'm Going To Be At Work. But I Guess They Don't Trust Me By Myself. At All I Don't Like Taking Care Of Animal's That Are Not My Responsibility. So People Are Going To Be Stopping By Or Whatever. I Have Been All By Myself Alone I Raised My Son Alone For A Few Month's While My Ex Husband Was Training Out In The Field. They Must Think That I Can't Be Alone On My Own. If These Dog's Didn't Exist I Would Be Fine. Thier's Just One Dog. That's Sickly And Has Siezure's Constantly Idk How To Handle This Old Dog. So I'm Going To Have People And My Niece Stay With Me. If They Would Have Taken This Dog... With Them Then My Anxiety Shouldn't Be An Issue. And Then My Nosy Brother in Law Was Asking Me How Much Do I Have In My Bank Account. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK... I Didn't Answer Becuse It's Non Of His Business. And He Started With The Disabilty Thing Again Like S.T.F.U. And S.N.A.P... It Never End's. Like Worry About Your Own Family. I Get It You Want Me Out Of Your House. I'm Trying To Save Everything That I Can.... These People Never Shut Up About Money. It's Sicking....And Annoying. And He Tells Me That I Can't Have More Than $3,000 Dollar's In My Bank Account. Like Why???? Do You Fucking Care About My Money And How I Spend It. I Don't Get To Go Out Anywhere. I Only Spend My Money For My Uber Ride's. Which Run's $300.00+ x My Miscellaneous Thing's Are About $30.00 .... My Cell Phone Payment Is $40.00. I Don't Cook I Spend About $100.00. Uber Eat's. So I Don't Get To Enjoy Spending On Anything. And I Still Have Money Left Over. I Don't Do Amazon... Or Own Any Credit Card's. I Would Rather Not Be In Debt. × Sincerly, ☆▪︎☆ S. K. ☆ ▪︎☆


How do you cope when your partner goes out?

Wondering about people’s experiences and how you cope when in a committed relationship and the partner wants to spend time out with friends etc. My partner and I live in separate apartments and he invited me over, then asked if I’d be ok if he went to meet his friend for a bit (he invited me but I felt too tired to go out). He had dinner for us planned and offered for me to nap in the bed or watch tv, and he returned a couple hours later. I initially agreed to this plan, then it proved to be too long a wait and I freaked out. We talked it over afterwards and I explained I need to know at the start of the evening if it’s ‘bro time’ or a date night, that I need him to pick one rather than overcommit. This was challenging for him as he has ADHD, and doesn’t understand why I wouldn’t come with or distract myself happily in the meantime, but I think he understands. Has anyone had a similar experience? #ADHD #Alonetime #datenight

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#Alonetime #DysfunctionalFamily Mentally Better Alone

Oddly, as I look into psychology more and more, I find myself withdrawing from my family due to toxic behavior they display, but I just had a thought because I’ve always been a “loner”. As a child, could I unconsciously sense the dysfunction, leading to my being able to be at my best while alone?


Hate everyone

I had a day today where I just wanted to be alone, and it seems like it was impossible. Everyone made me angry. I felt like things were out of my control. People were shallow and self serving. Sometimes I wonder if my depression helps me see the world more realistically or if it’s a complete hoax. #Depression #Introvert #Alonetime #anger