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    The beauty,and majesty of nature is true #Healing #today #TOMORROW #always #PTSD #AbuseSurvivors

    Something truly lovely, and magestic for today..My husband and I are here this weekend, celebrating my Birthday next week..♥️With all this beauty surrounding us I am so happy, content and at peace today..😌

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    I hope those of us that need #Sleep get plenty & that we awaken to a #Kind & #meerciful #TOMORROW . . I must #rest now, & #HOPEFULLY get some descent sleep in a few hours.🙋

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    It’s another day

    Another day where the day was ok but today I don’t want to be in the world

    A day where I I feel so very fragile and lost

    A day where I feel like everything is hurting my heart although nothing actually is.

    A day of fighting not breaking into tears purely because I’m awake.

    A day of feeling like everyone hates me.

    A day of just wanting to curl up in a ball.

    No one around me has done anything wrong I’m just over sensitive and everything hurts, I can actually feel the pain in my heart and chest and heart is racing. It hurts it really hurts

    But I know tomorow has a chance of being a better day….. there’s a chance…. It not be but I have to cling on to the fact that it could be… maybe…. Please tell me it will be…. Because this hurts #EUPD #Anotherday #TOMORROW #Anxiety #PTSD #hurt #Pain

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    #Fibromyalgia #fibroflare ##TOMORROW #needrest #needsleep

    HI🙋it's been a rough 3 days (fibro flare) & tomorrow I must get up early. Didnt sleep last night cuz of the #Pain but drifted of about 45 mins this afternoon. Really need to get some sleep tonight , but still having that #Anxiety hanging on making it hard to even DECIDE to try to sleep. But I know I will get thru tomorrow~ come what may. Whether I am able to keep my appointment??? - I hope so. 🙏 I'll get thru nonetheless. 🎼"Que' serra' serra'..... whatever will be will be. The future is ours to see. Que' serra' serra'"🎶🎵🎼🎵🎶



    ‘Tomorrow’ is a mythical time in my mind when I will feel better, have more energy, and do all of the things I’ve been procrastinating on and finally get things done. The problem is that tomorrow never comes and each new day I just feel drained, sick, exhausted, and overwhelmed. My husband is overwhelmed and frustrated, which I understand.



    Is my surgery at UCLA. This is my check in for the week. Please send good thoughts my way. Hope you guys are staying safe.