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Music is to much

This is gonna sound weird, ever since my break down and stay in the hospital, I don’t like listening to music anymore and lately even podcasts aren’t holding my attention. Even being in the car having the radio on is uncomfortable.

It’s so odd, it does bother me but only recently and honestly it only becomes a building panic in the car with others when I feel like I can’t ask to turn the radio down or even off.

I know scent can bring back distinctive memories I’m starting to question if sound can also do that too.

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feeling depressed after bout of anxiety #Depression #Anxi

is it normal to feel depressed after recovering from a long bout of anxiety? I’ve been way less anxious since changing jobs in the last 2 months but now I’m struggling to feel motivated to workout, clean or eat healthy. i just feel tired and down lately. has anyone experienced this? will it get better soon?

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In need of help #CheckInWithMe #ChronicPain #Migraine #Anxi

#Anxiety is really bad... #PTSD #Migraine #RheumatoidArthritis #ChronicPain #Disability trying to be my usual optimistic self... but worse anxiety going thru appeal process for disability. Unable to find pro bono lawyer... the advocate has been next to useless (and you can be sure they will take their cut if I get anything). I'm at wits end. It's been constant physical pain for over a decade... severe anxiety since 9-11-01. Feeling lost and helpless. I've been trying to get help to get better for decades... lifelong arthritis (since I was a teenager). Hard to breathe. Hard to imagine better days at this point... in need of a friend