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I have started a blog about mental health awareness. I personally have borderline personality disorder and clinical depression ADHDand a few others

Hey what are some topics that I should talk about on my blog posts?
Should I start with want to look for? How to ask for help? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #AskForHelp



Sometimes we all need a break from our everyday pressures and for someone to help us carry our burdens.

Remember to ask if you need help. Even if it's just to have someone sit with you in silence, or to support you mentally or physically. It's what keeps us strong and able to move forward.

#AskForHelp #bekindtoyourmind #bekindtoyourbody #ASK #reachout #neverfeelalone

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Things I’m unlearning #MentalHealth #Selfacceptance #AskForHelp #PeoplePleaser

Anyone else struggling with unlearning? I find myself getting frustrated with my old ways of “pleasing people” being a “people pleaser” and doing what I want to do because it’s what’s best for me…

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Asking for help can be harder than you think.

One of my toughest issues is knowing when to and actually asking for help. It’s a long process that I still need to work on. Always thinking how do “I” handle this problem. Feeling the need to go it alone. Not even going it alone, just half the time not entering my mind to get help. The rest I don’t want to bother or burden anyone else with my question. Embarrassment, maybe too. I’ve made this one of my goals. Taking it daily large and small things. What did I need help with and did I ask. #AskForHelp #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #goals

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Tell your story #warriorsurvivor #speakout #beyourownhero

I felt ashamed about my abuse for a long time. Friends and family would silence me. Of course they thought they were helping and not everyone needs to know your story. But people should understand the consequences of what you've been through and you shouldn't have to suffer in silence.
#AskForHelp #Healing
#MentalHealth #BeBrave

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It’s been two years.....

Today two years ago I lost my little brother to a fentanyl overdose. Last year I took this day off, this year I did not.... I had forgotten to take my meds this morning, and asked my husband to bring them to me if he could. He did along with my favorite drink from the local coffee shop. I wasn’t sure that it was going to make much of a difference but I’m glad he did because it did really help. I’d sit down and feel the sadness well up in my eyes and I’d have to go for a walk. But after I took my meds I was able to function, I could still feel sad but it didn’t feel as though it was going to take over. Today is hard and now here at home I can cry and let it out. I miss him so much, memories of the day I found out flood my mind but also memories of how funny he was! So today was an ok day all things considered. I’m glad I was able to see a doctor about my depression and get help. #Depression #breakthestigma #AskForHelp #Grief #overdose


It seems it still is very hard to ask for anything

Why is it so hard to try and talk about what bothers me and so easy to try and soothe the needs of others? Am I really that low on my own pecking order? Is my self worth derived only from what I can provide for another, is my struggle really not that important to me? Is it my just reward for not being good enough? All these questions echo in my mind when I am trying to jot down what I want to share.

Is it the fear of being rejected, not being taken serious, or bluntly not being believed like it has happened so often in the past? Panic sometimes feels like a noose around my neck ever tightening. I feel like I am stifling my own voice, my own opinions, my own needs; And for what exactly?

I guess I just still cannot come to terms with me not being able to fix the world around me, that I am not able to take all the pain away, onto myself and soldier on like I feel I should. And the inner critics I have do not even take turns anymore, but blurt out a waterfall of insults and regrets onto my cognition all the time and even if I try to not pay any attention to them, they get worse and worse, to the point it gives me headaches.

What am I trying to convey here... do I really lose the plot that quickly? I guess I am just not so adept with words as I figured I am, especially when it comes to me trying to be open, honest in looking for help. I doubt this will even ever see the light of day, I doubt I'll hit 'post' on this.
#Depression #AskForHelp #perfectionism #Anxiety #CheckInWithMe #irrational

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Telling others is important!

It is crucial to tell others how you feel. If you bottle everything up inside it can lead to huge mental breakdowns in the worst of situations. E.g a class or work meeting. There is always someone even if you don’t believe there is. There is always someone.

#Dontkeepitinside #Depression #AskForHelp #ThereIsAlwaysHope #SocialAnxiety #HowDoYouFeel ?


#suicideal #AskForHelp

I'm there again, have the pills in my car "just in case". It just SUCKS, plain ol' sucks.  Not eating, eat maybe once a day - but comfort food -- chocolate  is my go to, and there is plenty hidden in my room.
Can I go and talk to my old therapist (as of this past Tuesday). Can I tell him what I plan to do, let him know where my thinking pattern is? Or should I wait for next Thursday when the new one takes over? She knows my from squat, how can I let her know my deep feelings like this. I
need to feel comfortable and right now I am not. #confused #alone