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    #maketime #dowhatyouenjoy

    It's never too late to start doing the things that you dream about pursuing.

    Sometimes we need to take a step back, dial it down and focus on what we've always wanted to do, but never make time for.

    Of course it's not always possible to tackle all our aspirations at once, but make a list and decide on what's realistic, achievable and affordable at the time and go for it.

    It's wonderful to dream, no matter where you are in your life's journey. Even better when you start making those dreams a reality.

    #taketimeoutforyou #makeithappen
    #everydaymatters #dowhatyouenjoy #ucandounlimitedchange

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    Morning Chatties #CheckInWithMe #Believe

    Hello there and Good Morning

    Snoopy says believe that something wonderful is going to happen and I pretty much always do now.

    I love Snoopy.

    He lives believing that.

    We cant hug the ones we love right now if they dont live with us. But we can sure save up those hugs. I am saving those hugs up. And kisses too.
    I've got a tally going, I know exactly how many I am owed by my family and friends. 😁😅☺️

    But My pups and 2 cats are pretty much getting squished by me hugging them all the time. They love it dont let them tell you any different 🐕🐶🐈🐱🐾🐾🐾🐾💜❤😁

    So how are you today.? Who are you saving your hugs for?

    Love n big hugs Tj 🤗🤗☺️😘💜❤💖🤝🤛🐶🐈🐾 #MightyTogether #NeverAlone #BigHugs #Snoopy #Believe #Believeinyou #SavingupHugs #Chatspace #checkonyourneighbours #Chattingventrant #Love #Bekind

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    Alone, All Alone

    I’m so sorry for what you’re going through as I can relate with you. Aside from my #ChronicIllness which no one #Believeinyou , I have to listen to #everyonematters and every #Burden lies on me. I cry myself to sleep with my pillow soaked in my own tears. Is there a painless #Suicide because I would gladly make the attempt without any hesitation. #NoOneCaresAboutMe so what’s the point of ##Livingalone ?

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    #Selfcare #itwillbeok #youvegotthis #Believeinyou

    It’s ok to hurt. It’s ok to have bad days. Just get back up and take life minutes at a time.