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The past lives on#Livingalone

I nearly died at the age of ten. It led to personal trauma for myself developing epilepsy and having family treat me differently. School and home became torment growing up being ridiculed for who I was. I never developed myself in the sense of being around others.

All these memories continue even though life has progressed and achievements have occurred. I can't give myself credit for anything as blame goes back to the past.

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"Room" is one of my comfort movies #Depression #Livingalone

Is this crazy? I mean, this is a film that is really disturbing when you see it the first the time. But over time it has become one of my go-to films when I need comfort. (I also love the book!).
Of course it is tragic and awful as a scenario, but there IS comfort in the love between Ma & Jack and in the miracle of him discovering the world after they're free. It's just a story of people getting out of an awful situation and starting anew (not without struggles of course). I always feel comforted by that story.
Not the first time at the movies, of course. But now I just love that feeling of hope that carries that film.
I'm not a mom, I don't have a clue about that. But when I watch it I identify with Jack and Ma equally. It soothes me to watch that love and connection.

Having a go-to film for comfort is nice. Do you have any?


Living Alone #Livingalone #lonely #Depression #help #Fatigue

Hi there. I wondered if anyone had any advice for living alone, with depression and the loneliness further contributing to the depression in a spiral. I have debilitating fatigue which prevents me from getting out too much. A trip to the grocery store takes it out of me, not to mention cooking the food I bought. I'm not much of a phone person as far as making calls and connecting in that way. I am a texter and voice noter when I am feeling alert enough to make sense and finish a coherent thought/stream of conversation. I have currently had to resign from work about 6 weeks ago due to the debilitating insomnia and not being able to function properly. So I spend 24/7 in my apartment, which I know is not good for my mental health. If anyone has any words of advice or direction I would really appreciate it.


What is it like living on your on for the first time?

I’m living alone for the first time without family or roommates in a new state.....I’m freaking out. I’m sad , crying, and I just want to feel better. I know that I’m not the only person who experiences this but I feel so sad and I don’t want my family to worry about me.
#Anxiety #Livingalone

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I💗my Gracie #Cats #pettherapy #Pets #Livingalone #Homebound

I honestly dont think I would be alive if I didn't have a loving pet living with me. I think I'd of been unable to cope with the effects living alone over a long period of time. Schizophrenia can get nuts with too much & too intense, complete isolation.


Today is a Day.

Today is another day. It's one of those days, It's a day where I haven't showered in at least 24hrs and I don't feel up to washing thr dishes in my sink that are slowly piling up. It's a day where feeding my cat is a tough task and all the garbage seems to pile up way too quickly. It's a day where the floor feels and looks dirty but even the thought of vacuuming is exhuasting. I live in a 1 bedroom townhouse on a street that is absolutely beautiful, all my neighbours are lovely and I have an army of friends and support, It's just after christmas and just before New Year but these days where I am not sure of who I am and where I am going. I do have some purpose ands plans to inact, I have a list a mile long of things I need to do but my body aches and screams at me and my mind seems too hazy for a clear thought to break through. Today is a day, like any other day to everyone else but i have to remind myself that no matter what I do or don't do that it's ok, I know that if I tried to do anything and get overwhlemed that thats just the way it is. But it doesn't quell the anger and frustration that bubbles deep inside me, that this body, this young body is now disabled and will never be the body I once used so carelessly.

#EDSAwareness #EDS   #MentalHealth #Disabled #Disabledandalone
#Livingalone #FestiveSeason #festivefear #EhlersDanlos #missmyabledbody

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Alone, All Alone

I’m so sorry for what you’re going through as I can relate with you. Aside from my #ChronicIllness which no one #Believeinyou , I have to listen to #everyonematters and every #Burden lies on me. I cry myself to sleep with my pillow soaked in my own tears. Is there a painless #Suicide because I would gladly make the attempt without any hesitation. #NoOneCaresAboutMe so what’s the point of ##Livingalone ?


Lack of motivation

I have many things I’m dealing with mentally, including losing my husband/soulmate in May 2019 after a14 month fight against Glioblastoma. But I was diagnosed with an inner and outer ear infection on Monday and put on HUGE antibiotics. While this is helping my ear...antibiotics sap every ounce of energy and motivation from me. I become a couch potato. I hate this and it leaves me empty and grouchy. Thank goodness I live alone with 4 cats. #Motivation #antibiotics #Livingalone #Grief