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    Bipolar 2

    Today I recognized a pattern and gave all my cards to my family. Spending and shopping gives me that high, happy feeling. Anyone else? #biopolar2 #BipolarSpending


    Controlling spending.

    A little late for some people considering black Friday's already past. My big day is tomorrow. It's payday. I should have too much of a problem cuz I have to pay all my money out towards a bankruptcy I'm not going to have any to spend anyway so I shouldn't be in trouble this year.

    How have you controlled your spending this week?

    #Bipolar1Disorder #Mania #BipolarSpending


    How does everyone else handle poor financial habits/bipolar spending impulses? #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar1Disorder #BipolarSpending #money

    I was diagnosed with #BipolarDisorder in 2005 after a 3-month long $7,000+ spending spree. That was 15 years ago but no matter what I do or how stable I feel, I STILL always seem to spend money faster than I can count it! 
    I'm only financially responsible for myself but I need help! What tools, tricks, etc, does everyone else use to help their impulsive spending?? I'm desperate for #help  ! #Mania #Finances #BipolarSpending


    #Bipolar2Disorder #BipolarDisorder #BipolarDepression

    People with Bipolar disorder answer please. I am trying to understand firsthand what bipolar disorder is like for other people because I am worried I have been misdiagnosed as bipolar when I'm not.

    How did you do in school?
    Can you focus for long periods of time or are you easily distracted?
    What is your sleep schedule like?
    What does mania/hypomania feel like to you?
    What are depressive episodes like?
    Do you have nervous tics or self stimulation?
    Do you have anxiety in relation to your Bipolar Disorder? Like do aspects of Bipolar Disorder cause you anxiety?
    Have you ever had self-harming or suicidal thoughts? If yes were they in relation to how you felt about yourself (like feeling ugly or worthless) or were they just urges?
    Do you ever feel out of control when manic or depressed?
    What are your moods generally like during the day (on average)?
    #BipolarDisorder #bipolar2depression #Misdiagnosis #BipolarDepression #Bipolar1Disorder #BipolarSpending #BipolarDisorderDiagnosis #BipolarObsessiveness


    Alcohol Addiction #BipolarSpending #Alcohol #Addiction

    I am addicted to alcohol. I spend too much on it and I find it so hard to stop this addiction. My impulse pressures me to drink almost every other day including the days when I'm broke. One time, I almost pawned a significant item just to afford alcohol. Reasons why I drink: to numb/calm from overwhelming emotions and to temporarily fill up the emptiness. I understand Bipolar Disorder is not an excuse to develop an addiction but people should also be aware how difficult it is to deal with it and that we're trying our best to fight against it.


    Why do people with bipolar disorders like to spend?

    I have bipolar 2 with psychotic features but I also have OCD, so I thought my spending habit was because of the compulsivity of the OCD. When I looked into it further, I found that it happens with bipolar disorders. When I’m manic, I love to spend and sometimes I can’t even focus on anything else. It’s like I have an internal force telling me I have to shop. I was doing very well for quite a while, but then when I started shopping for Christmas presents it kicked me back into the spending mood. I’m just curious why spending is a symptom of bipolar? It is just the compulsive part and/or a way to feel in control of ourselves? #BipolarSpending

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    how should I help my husband who has bipolar to not spend so much? any advice on how to speak to him in love?? #



    is there any advice, tips and resources in our community or anywhere else that can help me with my #BipolarSpending ? I need help