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How To Get Medical Marijuana Card in California?

Getting a California medical marijuana card is quite easy, It is an essential document for purchasing, Consuming and cultivating cannabis in California state.



Start by filling up the medical evaluation form, Fill up all your authentic details.


After evaluation schedule an appointment with the medical doctor for an online video call.


After evaluation with the medical doctor, get your medical marijuana card digital copy in your mail instantly.

For complete information visit - Get Your California Medical Marijuana Card @Just $55 - My MMJ Doctor

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Get Your California Medical Marijuana Card @Just $55 - My MMJ Doctor

Apply for the legal right to consume, possess and cultivate Medical Marijuana in California and receive your digital copy for just @$55
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California Mental and Behavioral Health Services #publichealthservices #californiamentalhealthservices #California

Did you know that there are 58 counties in the state of California and each county has their own mental health program which serve a wide range of their county residents? (Sutter and Yuba counties are the exception because the two counties share a mental health program).

Each county has an access phone line for people who are seeking mental health services. See the links below to get in touch with your county's Department of Health Care Services to learn more about how to obtain these services, and to see what mental health program resources are available to you.

Local County Mental Health Program Directory –

Mental Health Services Division

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Relationship | Love | Care  #kaimzz #Love #California #usa

Keep safe your loved one in this pandemic season.
care is good thing to do for yourself and your loved once too.
Stay Safe.

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Derrek’s Story for Networking and Meeting People #AutismEmployment

I loved working with Derrek Freitas and making his new YouTube video for the #LetsWorkCA project. Derrek helped with the Let’s Work Networking Guide and created his own video. Check it out (go to to ) and let Derrek know how awesome it is by leaving him a comment. #Autism #Storytelling #selfadvocacy #California #Employment


#confessions of a #mad #woman - one

I don’t know how to survive. Despite fully realizing that my circumstances must be far from unique (not in whole, but certainly in part), I feel as though I’m constantly screaming into a void when I ask for help. As a highly educated, sensitive person, I know one of the cardinal rules of effective communication is to know your audience and write (or speak) with them in mind. I do this to the best of my ability. I’ve asked and continue to ask for help surviving from spiritual guides/mentors, doctors and therapists, family members, friends, 12 Step recovery program sponsors, professors/teachers, compatriots in my profession, and state and federal aid programs. For each different individual, I diligently apply my extensive communication skills to the best of my ability (e.g., verbally explaining and preemptively begging pardon for my emotional dysregulation due to mental illness) as I describe my current circumstances and solicit advice for how to carry on. Please don’t misunderstand! I have received and continue to receive various kinds of help, including baptisms, shamanic healings, medications, numerous psychological tools to combat various diagnoses, shelter in a peaceful environment, state Disability insurance, and #SocialSecurity Disability Insurance. What I do not understand and, therefore, am here striving to “confess” is my pervasive and perpetual dismay and #Confusion over why none of the help that I have received and am now receiving has or is in fact working to make me “better” - better able to survive in the present and feel more certain that I can go on surviving in the future. Every day, despite the excruciating, recurring, almost constant certainty that somehow I have failed in absolutely every area of my life and the pain of that certainty is too great for me to continue to bear for even one more day, I do my best to employ the psycological tools, financial aid, social support, and material environment with which I’ve been provided for my recovery from debilitating illness. I pray and meditate, make art crafts, attend support group meetings, volunteer in my community, search for new opportunities, and give of my time and talents whenever and wherever I can. But then gas prices here in #California continue to rise from gouging to hemorrhaging levels and I can no longer afford transportation. Then my health insurance changes or is just cancelled and I’m forced in an instant to face discontinuing medications and relationships with healthcare providers which have taken months and years to establish. Then a family member who stated that they would be willing and able to provide help for my basic survival (e.g., financial assistance, emotional validation, or even just acknowledgement of my existence) announces suddenly that they are no longer able to help. All the while, social stigmas and taboos surrounding mental illness, mass medias’ and politicians’ blaming mental illness and poverty on the mentally ill and impoverished, and relig