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7 Word Story to be a Novel #Storytelling #truelife

I’m just wondering if you have any thoughts on how much interest this could be for a little escape from reality that we all need now and now. The rules are simpl. I write an am ambiguous 7 letter sentence that is then continued on by the next person who is willing to make an entire. It can be as wacky as Hunter S. Thompson, Fantastically JK Rowling or even a Stephen King fright night. No rules as such. Obviously please have respect for your fellow community members and support them.

One other thing is that If I don’t have permission to do this then I’m truly sorry 😢

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We all have a real story. Let's tell it. #MightyTogether

This year's Oscars showed that disability stories and issues are strongly in the public eye. And that's the mission of a group that's moving the needle of awareness, one story at a time. I talked to Celia Hughes of Art Spark Texas about Opening Minds Opening Doors, a program helping us (no mater where we live) tell our own stories and open peoples' minds:

#ArtSparkTx #MultipleSclerosis #Advocacy #Disability #omod #Storytelling

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Derrek’s Story for Networking and Meeting People #AutismEmployment

I loved working with Derrek Freitas and making his new YouTube video for the #LetsWorkCA project. Derrek helped with the Let’s Work Networking Guide and created his own video. Check it out (go to to ) and let Derrek know how awesome it is by leaving him a comment. #Autism #Storytelling #selfadvocacy #California #Employment

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When did you know?

When did you know that is was time to love yourself, despite your illness?
For me, it was when I realized that my illnesses were likely to be with me for the remainder of my life and so I had to make a choice, it was either hate myself forever or try and learn to love myself. That was just 5 or so years ago. I’m glad I did. Now I can shout, I love me!
#HIVAIDS #MightyTogether #Storytelling #Mentoring #Trauma


Do Not Compare Your Chapter 1 to Someone's Chapter 100

Not long ago, this became my mental memo as I started becoming more and more aware of this unhealthy and self-destructive habit.

No matter what path we are on, we often fall into this unkind, unloving and unrealistic comparison trap.

Maybe you just start a new career, start learning a new skill, forming a new habit, or you are on a #Healing and #Recovery journey like me.

Please remember, everything takes time and you are good enough wherever you are on the journey.

Be kind and loving to yourself.
Every little step counts.

It is those small steps we take every single day that take us to where we intend to go.

Healing journey is no exception.

You will have days where you feel like you are back to the starting point.

Please remember it is your mind tricking you as it feels more comfortable going back to something familiar.

In those days, take extra time caring for yourself.
Do things that truly lift you up in the long run, for example, spending time in nature or do some exercise.

And I get it.
In those days, making a healthy choice is 100 times more challenging.

Here's the trick I learned from a friend to help myself make a better decision especially during those darker days:

When I am aware of that my #Depression friend is around the corner or I am simply feeling more negative and down, I would ask myself, which choice is the one that I will never regret after I go for it?

Is it rolling out the yoga mat, doing some yoga or lying in bed letting myself dwell on the negative voices?

Is it taking a short walk somewhere I feel comfortable or sitting at the desk binging eating sugary things?

Choose the one that won’t lead you to more negative emotions.

It is those little moments where we are strengthening the healthier & less traveled neural pathways, exercising our mental muscle again and again and training ourselves to face the next challenge with stronger mental strength.

Please remember, do not compare your chapter 1 to someone’s chapter 100.
It is okay to feel down.
It is okay to feel depressed.
There is nothing wrong with you.

It is totally okay to experience those challenging #feelings and #emotions.

Taking time to take care of your #MentalHealth is as crucial as anything else.

#Self-care is your daily non-negotaible.

One step at a time.
You are stronger than you think.
#SelfLove #Healing #MentalHealth #Wellbeing #Awareness #innerwork #selfcare #feeltoheal #Empowerment #growthmindset #Trauma #PTSD #Anxiety #vulnerability #youareenough #authenticity #EndTheStigma #Storytelling #selfhelp #powerfulwords #loveyourself #compassion #positivemindset


#Storytelling If I could

Success Story Scenario-Pretend ( If I were like a regular person- Willing to try Chasing a dream)
True Back story~

{I thought I'd be an author/( Poet) like my mom....She loved to write....

She wrote poetry She even tried to get a few children's books published ...But sadly she was swindled ,scammed. Someone else stole her work and re-titled it she said. She couldn't afford to file law suit...So she just let go of writing.
Me~ I love writing . I love music (No talent for playing instruments or singing...So why not write song lyrics? I usually rhyme when I get inspired to write already. How hard can it be? But I want to write songs in Spanish.}
** Not fluent**
Perhaps I'll pen songs in many languages! I pick up languages quickly But Spanish is my first love(second language). I wanna write Spanish songs!

                          Pretend Scenario~

---So I familiarize myself on a deeper level with the lyric structure of some of my favorites artists/songs like "Nuestra Felicidad" ( Cover song done by Gloria Estefan ) , ''Ecos de Amor" Jesse y joy. I did what could but still need some pointers SOME INSPIRATION from the musicians themselves
One day I thought , "Wouldn't it be cool if I could get in contact someone from the label or their manager, maybe they could hook me up with a chance to speak with them? Nah, I'm dreamin'.Forget it! "

Thought I put the idea out of my mind. But a few weeks go by and I'm looking up contact information. Writing down name and number...
Well, Am I gonna call it??   --


A Princess Doesn't have to be a Queen [Part 2]

She was ready to burn down the castle at any moment to escape, it would have been her bravest act but before she could… her mind was poisoned. A terribly slow-moving toxicity that seeped in to every tear in her young heart and soul. It took her vibrant colors and bled them to a sick gray. It straightened her crown and set aside her sword. It powdered her unsightly freckles and stole her uniqueness. It made her voice compliant and her entire self broken.

The princess wants to be a warrior and not another crone in the pack. She dearly prays to not be another voice assuring the Queen that she is indeed the center of the universe. She is fighting to gain that little girl back, to lure her back to a sense of wholeness so the adult doesn’t become the next Queen.

The girl now a woman wants to tear down the curtains and let the light in so she can breathe again. She wants to wipe off the makeup, pick up her sword, and fight her way to her own person. She wants to slay the beasts plaguing her from underneath the bed and say goodbye to her greatest enemy of her entire life: her own shaken voice miming back what it’s been told. She cannot fight the past but she can carve out her future. One day she will be a general of her own army, slaying those demons one by one with a stitched up soul and a crooked crown.


#Depression #Anxiety #Storytelling


A Princess Doesn't have to be a Queen [Part 1]

She was once a princess, one that could slay dragons with a mere glance. Her nearly malnourished form stood atop the corpses of her fictional enemies, a sweat broken but a victors smile pursing her lips. She was the only one who could go toe to toe with the Queen, the one that ruled the south with a heavy hand of cruelness that left even the coldest criminals trembling in their iron clad boots.

The Queen’s fury was on par with a storm, ripping through the lands without mercy. Her voice was shrill like a banshee coming to wail away all life. It was the most maddening of situations to trudge through. A life bound to be a failure regardless of victories. You could win it all and it still would never be enough for the Queen, you would never have been enough.

All accomplishments only fed the monster’s addiction to attention. She could be found bragging to the noble entourage while she followed with the real knowledge of her sins. Of her lies. Failures were projected to monumental sizes, almost comically so. But still, there was a time the girl’s soldier heart was brave and they fought together with their wits and verbal swords to coax the Queen back to her hiding.

Her heart and lungs would yell out. They wouldn’t take anything. They wouldn’t take the atrocities laying down like one of her puppets. She recalls that girl fondly. A princess whose crown might have been crooked and her freckles vibrant, but she was fit to be a general. She was strong. She wasn’t the princess the Queen needed to parade, she was so much more than that.

At some point between here and there she was slowly defeated beaten down to the tiny compliant girl the Queen needed so desperately in her life. Someone to take the self-serving abuse she gave out ten fold regardless. Someone to bobble their head in agreement. Not some rambunctious child that thought she could overlook the world to defeat all that stood in her way. #WritingThroughIt #Writing #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #Anxiety #Storytelling


Let me tell you a story #Storytelling

My boat

This is a story about me and my boat
My boat is sinking
My boat is sinking
What do I do?

I love my boat, i have had this boat a long time, it feels comfortable, it feels...right. But there are holes in it. It is taking on water and I’m bailing.

I’m trying to reach new lands where things are perfect. There are other boats, so people tell me. They might be just over the horizon, people tell me they are bigger and better and safer than my boat, but The water is treacherous and I can barely swim, I’m tired. But I love my boat.

I’m beginning to panic, I don’t know what to do. I’m beginning to panic and i don’t know what to do. I’m beginning to panic. I don’t know what to do.

I ring people I know, the reception is poor. They tell me I can repair my boat, that I have things on board to repair the holes but I can’t find anything. I’m panicking and I don’t know what to do. Their suggestions seem so easy, about how to save myself, but none of them are in the boat with me, I’m alone.

The more I listen the more I think the more stop bailing the more I sink the more I don’t want to leave my boat the more I try and decide the more time I waste the weather is closing in the more I panic the more I think about swimming but I still think I can save my boat but it’s sinking more so I think about jumping again the others say the boat looks in fine shape I know it’s not I know it’s sinking I know I should get off but I’ve never left my boat, I love my boat

The sea is an ocean, the land further away than ever

The story is not finished
I’m running out of paper
The ink is running low
The story needs an ending
The ending feels close

#MentalIllness #lost #Depression #Trapped