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I’m still mad at the government… and at my last therapists | TW some caps, two swears #venting

Is the government really that stupid enough to think that I can work??

I have way too many triggers. I literally despise being called a girl or “ma’am” or “she”. I’M FREAKING NON-BINARY! Even though I’m also transmasc, I’M NOT JUST A BOY! I literally despise the line “ladies and gentlemen”. I have no time to put up with any drama crap. I will most likely quit my first job pretty quickly. And I don’t want to deal with all the freaking haters that hate me or bully me for no good reason. Screw that.

And some of the shit my past therapists said about me was either over-exaggerated or false about me doing good. Like I never said some of those things that I said. Just freaking because I said that I may be doing good ONLY meant AT THAT MOMENT!

Why even depend on the government for our rights?? I know myself better than they fucking know me. I’m an anarchist, and I believe that you should have public access or just instant rights regardless without having to depend on higher power who barely even know you and take forever to make things legalized (even though I despise my autism being called a disability or disorder). I want instant change, not wait 10 years for it! (/vsrs)

Anyway. 😞

#mad #LGBTQIA #anger #government #why #unfair #Anxiety #Autism #rights

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Im mad

Im mad that i did not finish school so doing my dream job seems impossible im mad that im forced to work everyday and weekend and i get to miss out on stuff im mad that i cant even look in the mirror and be proud of the stuff i have done because all i see is my fucking father. Im mad that the little voice in my head today non stop has been telling me to kill myself. Im mad because of me you are in debt i hate myself and most days i can block it out but today i cant contain it. #Depression #mad #Selfblame

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Delete this account so that I can begin over. This won't allow me to update my information and I'm mad! I've been at this for over an hour!!!!!!!

What the title is.#mad

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I'M feeling frustrated.. Stupid Zoom.#Annoyed

It's not my fault i keep missing a zoom meeting. It's not my internet connection. I'm not missing on purpose. Zoom worked on my end yesterday when using zoom for groups. I had no trouble. It's giving me #Anxiety #mad ugh.

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Mondays don’t like me.

Feeling like this LEGO madmen. I was so quick to anger, it’s always a buildup, like stacked bricks. Long day trying to get phone stuff done, none to my satisfaction. I blame the spoon but it was me that broke the glass in the sink. I always end up being maddest at myself, for not being able to slowww it down or stop the feelings from rising. Much shame, especially when it was pointed out to me that my dog is still shaking. #OCD #feelings #mad
It always helps to confess; grateful.


I am so mad! #mad #why

Why am I always the bad guy in a situation just because I have a mental illness?? I have severe fibromyalgia, depression and GAD. But when I rest/sleep and listen to my body, I am a bad wife!!! Would the same have been said if I had cancer? Or any other chronic illness?? Uuurgh, I am so mad 😡



I am so tired of being told that I like being thin
#no i actually am chronically ill KAREN and eating maks me feel sick!
Sorry my #AutonomicNeuropathy makes you uncomfortable! #mad #hurt #ChronicIllness #sick


Drowning in school #sad #mad #needhelp

My grades were so good and now I have a 47 in ADVISORY(not even a class.) 57 in history! And I know my chem grade will go up but I feel like I’m drowning in school work and I’m just watching my grades slip before my eyes. I feel hopeless and like no matter how much work I do it’s not enough. My history teacher makes no effort to communicate and make connections with his students. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to pass high school because last year I did horrible because I had 5/7 honors classes. I feel like I’m going to just drop out and that’s horrible because I want to go to college. I can’t fail anymore classes or I’m pretty sure I won’t graduate with my class. I feel like I should just give up on everything. I’m in a depressive state with my mental health now and I don’t know what to do I just keep crying and I feel lonely.


Growing up with depression #Depression #Child #Anxiety

Growing up with depression and anxiety as a child made me feel like I was.......
- Unwanted
- A Burden
- Bullied
- Lonely
- A disappointment
- Isolated
- I needed to perfect

#Depression #mychildhood #Anxiety #sad #mad #ancious #Bully #bullied #trash


#mad world #BPD #Rejection Abandonment #Anxiety #Depresseds

Been listening to Mad World by Gary Jules and other versions over and over. I am drinking and I am alone. Wrote the particular lines down that apply but I don't think I have enough room. Sorry to be so selfish. "The dreams in which I'm dying are thre best I've ever had ".