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Joint Hypermobility and Chiropractor

So, my doctors strongly suspect I have hEDS. I have a fair few symptoms, and my rheumatologist is “pretty sure” I have it. My joints regularly scrape in their sockets and crack extremely loudly. More often than not I’ll be doing something perfectly mundane and all of a sudden, people hear a loud crack and they whip their heads in my direction and ask what the hell they just heard!

Anyway… For a very long time I’ve wanted to see if a chiropractor would help. Or would it make it worse? I dunno. I guess I just want some advice before I fork out for the assessment fee!

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I recently had to start going to the chiropractor because I have two herniated disks. It is here that I’ve realized I have some serious triggers when I don’t feel in control. It’s not really from the doctor touching me. He’s really kind and understanding/stops if I need a minute. It’s bad when I have to do part of my treatment though.

There’s this part where they kinda have to strap you to a table to stretch your back out. The triggering part is mostly the strap that goes around my ribs. The hip one is less bad but being strapped at all starts to terrify me and I feel like I need to get out fast or something will happen. I think it gives me flashbacks but if I’m honest I don’t like looking at them so I choose not to if that’s makes sense.

The team has been so cool with it but I feel like a failure since I can’t control it how I want. I don’t have money to keep doing therapy right now so please don’t tell me I just need therapy. I do love my therapist though and look forward to returning when I can. Thank you guys.
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Has anyone tried the Y strap at the chiropractor?

I'm desperately looking for an alternative to surgery. It's dangerous, My physical appearance will be altered, The doctor said There's a possibility I could eat out of a tube for a few months, and I won'won't that much less pain anyway. He told to me to really take my time thinking about this and explore all other options. I know about massage and acupuncture. If my Insurance would only authorize them, I could afford them. Right now, no. Has anyone ever heard of the Y strap? It looks really dangerous, but if you get a good doctor It can help a lot of cervical and spine issues from what I hear.
You lay down on a table, The doctor puts a black strap around your chin and neck, then pulls hard and fast. They massage with a special mach, and does a few other straightening adjustment. It sounds scary and looks scary. That's why I'm asking. Than you!
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Since I've been having a crap ton of pain in my back/neck/shoulders lately, I went ahead and made my very first appointment with a Chiro ever. The appointment is for this afternoon. I'm assuming some of you have already been to chiropractors. Can anyone tell me. what to expect on this first visit? My anxiety is starting to spike, due to the fact that it's a new medical thing. #Firsttime #Painrelief #Chiropractor #whatwillhappen #Anxiety


Spondo Treatment

I was just diagnosed with having a Spondo. I have been in pain for a long time but couldn’t afford to do anything about it except throw pain meds at it. I finally met the greatest Chiropractor in the world. Doctor Randall Roth. Him and his team use gentle but effective treatments to relieve pain and get you straightened out.

They also do Stem Cell therapy at their Little Rock office.

#Spondylolisthesis #Chiropractor


Has anyone had any real success with chiropractic care? #Chiropractor #BackPain #ChronicPain

I've just found the reason for most of my pain. I have multiple bulging discs in my neck and lower back which have caused a couple pinched nerves. Pain has been bad for a while, but has been unbearable for the last few months. I have heard mixed reviews on the validity and success of chiropractic care. Any advice or personal stories are much appreciated!


Have #Fibromyalgia , started #Chiropractor on Monday. Is this amount of pain normal?

Today was my 2nd day at the chiropractor, and even with the massage device to help warm my muscles, I still find myself in excruciating pain after my appointment. Do those of you with fibromyalgia recommend chiropractic care?

#ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #BackPain #PainManagement


Anyone with #Fibromyalgia that can give advice for pain relief options?

#Chiropractor do they help? #Biofeedback how does this get rid of pain? It’s not in my head. Very frustrated with doctor.