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    What Doing Martial Arts As A Person With an Invisible Disability Means to Me

    This has been such a learning experience for me, so I’m going to list these in the order that I decided/discovered them.

    1. It Means Being Committed:
    I was kinda tricked into an 18 month contract with this MMA program, in part thanks to my ADHD impulsivity. However, I feel like it ended up being a good thing, because it doesn’t give me n easy out, and I want to show my kids that they can persevere to their goals, even when it’s not easy.

    2. It Means Radical Acceptance:
    I can’t do everything the way the kids, or even the other adults might be able to, no matter how much my competitive instinct wants to. The other adults who have actually stuck with the program as long as I have are all fit men with a background in various forms of Martial Arts. I spent the majority of 2020 and the first half of 2021 bedridden from a combination of Fibromyalgia, depression, and some undiagnosed sleep disorder, and I’m obese. It will take time for me to get to where I want to be, if it happens, at all. Thanks okay, because however far I get, I’ll be stronger, healthier, and more confident than when I began, because I already am!

    3. It Means Choosing Health:
    This applies in SO many ways, actually. Most importantly, it means stopping when it hurts, and sitting before falling over. Now, I’m not saying that I take a 20 minute break when my knuckles get sore from punching the pad what feels like a thousand times in a row. However, when I feel my asthma kicking in, I break for my “2 puffs” of my emergency inhaler, and a drink of ice water. When my knees and ankles start giving out, I either modify, or take a break until the next activity. When I feel like my face is going to connect with the mat at any moment, or I realize I can’t walk a straight line, I go take a break. Usually, it’s less than 3 minutes. Just enough for me to get a second wind and I can hit the mat, feet first, not face planting. 😅

    4. It Means Being Prepared:
    Not only do I need to have my gi (uniform) and belt ready to go, like everyone else, as well as my kids’, but I have knee and ankle braces, which I wear for support every time, mine and my daughter’s emergency inhalers, water for all 4 of us, and ibuprofen at least an hour before class.

    5. It Means Not Needing Approval:
    Like everyone else, I have my “Court of Critics”, who judge my health, my productivity, finances, my children’s education, and more. I’ve finally decided I have my husband’s approval and God’s, and that’s all I need!

    6. It Means Being Awesome:
    I’ve always loved reading books about female protagonists who can totally whip someone’s butt at a moment’s notice. Seriously, how cool is that?

    I was feeling really frustrated and defeated, after MMA, tonight, so I decided to write this to put it all back into perspective. 😉

    #MajorDepressiveDisorder #ADHD


    Pain life

    When your pain puts you in the state of tears and all you want to do is lay there.
    Don't you feel you wish you magic powers.
    they say no pain no game! I guess I'm playing that I'm losing to.
    You take pills to numb the pain.
    You go to physical therapy to easy the pain.
    Every time you move it hurts..
    Some you think I wish I was something eles..
    I wish it didn't run in my family..
    #BackPain #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #nervepain #DegenerativeDiscDisease #Spondylolisthesis #musculoskeletalpain


    Any recommendations for a new mattress? I’m used to being sore from my mattress but lately it’s so bad I’m crying. What mattresses have you liked?


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    Covid Safe Dates

    I'm in desperate need of date ideas! Because of all the health issues my family members deal with, I've been taking classes online and my parents are mostly working from home. We take as many precautions as we can. But, my boyfriend's family isn't as safe and he's attending college in person. We had been meeting at parks or sitting out on my deck, but now that it's cold we're out of ideas. What are some safe things we could do that won't leave us stuck out in the cold? #ChiariMalformation #ArnoldChiariMalformation #ChronicMigraines #Lupus #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #CeliacDisease #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Asthma #Spondylolisthesis #DegenerativeDiscDisease #Anxiety #Depression #ChronicPain #AutoimmuneDisease

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    Spondo Treatment

    I was just diagnosed with having a Spondo. I have been in pain for a long time but couldn’t afford to do anything about it except throw pain meds at it. I finally met the greatest Chiropractor in the world. Doctor Randall Roth. Him and his team use gentle but effective treatments to relieve pain and get you straightened out.

    They also do Stem Cell therapy at their Little Rock office.

    #Spondylolisthesis #Chiropractor


    #ISpeakOut about my health because chronic illness and mental illness can be really isolating.

    When my anxiety is bad my OCD bombards me. It's like my brain is overlocked. I can't slow it down long enough to convey the distress I am in and voice my needs in a way people without OCD can understand.

    When I'm in pain, from BAM, migraines or spondylolisthesis it triggers my central sensitision syndrome. Suddenly every nerve ending is on fire, even a light touch feels like I'm being tased. My senses, especially hearing and smell, get hypersensitive. It makes it hard and painful to be around people.

    Any one of these things makes it difficult to relate to people around me, but when they all gang up on me at once I feel alien. I'm in state of mental and physical distress that I can't communicate and those around me can't understand.

    That's why I speak up. Because there are other people out there going through the same thing, feeling just as detached, alienated and isolated by their health and sometimes it's enough just knowing that somewhere someone else gets it.

    #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Depression #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #SocialAnxietyDisorder #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #Migraine #CentralSensitizationSyndrome #SensoryOverload #Spondylolisthesis


    Hello Everyone 😌

    My name is Aislinn, and although I’ve had this app for a few weeks, I’ve been too freaked to actually post anything personal about my own pain.
    I’ve thought about posting stuff on my bad days but I didn’t even know where to start, so I thought I’d start today by introducing myself, because if I try and say too much I think I’ll start spiralling.
    I have Spondylolisthesis, a back injury where one of my vertebrae got pushed forward, and while it’s not “curable,” or reversable, it’s possible to live a pain-free life with it. I got this injury almost two years ago-it will be two years in January. Right now though, I’ve had chronic pain with it for about 9 months.
    Because this isn’t like...a chronic pain condition technically, but just an injury where I’m dealing with chronic pain, I almost feel like I shouldn’t be here, because some people have it worse than me, and I have the possibility to live without pain, so I shouldn’t complain, so that’s something I’m having trouble with.
    But while the people in my life are supportive, they don’t understand, and I often feel very alone and isolated in my own world of doctors visits and physiotherapy appointments and prescription refills and whatnot. It’s a major part of my life that I feel I don’t truly have anyone to share it with.
    I’d love to become a part of this community, I’m just a little scared and don’t know how, and your welcomes or introductions or affirmations that I’m not just a chronic pain fraud would be really appreciated ❤️ #ChronicPain #Spondylolisthesis #CheerMeOn #MightyTogether


    Hello! Intro from Jaybee

    Hello This is Jaybee I just stumbled onto this pageand looks like I have found a hidden treasure of people I can relate to! I'll give you an idea about my health. I am a #breast cancer late stage #survivor with many side effects that did not end after 1 1/2 years on chemo I had a mastectomy and reconstruction and my lymph nodes removed from the area From my hair to my toes I have a list of problems brought on by high doses of chemo or by removal of #lymph nodes Without enough lymph nodes I swell every day from eyelids to uvala to feet toes thighs calves knees and belly, even armpits! (not all of them everyday or all at once) But every week all areas have swelled at least once My legs turned red while on chemo and got neuropathy they have stayed that way I have chronic pain everyday My ankles/tibia just above foot front on both feet feel like they are in a vice grip and the range of motion is limited I have #stenosis from the neck to the hips and at times this is excrutiating pain I had a steroid shot in Nov.. I have lots more going on; it's hard to remember them all. Having a sense of humor helps #ChemoBrain #BrainLesions #SpinalStenosis#ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Spondylolisthesis #VasculitisSyndromesOfTheCentralAndPeripheralNervousSystems, ,
    Other , #graves , #barretts #HairLoss , #Narcolepsy ##Fibromyalgia #bunion #Vasculitis #panninculitis    #limpodermatosclerosis   #edema



    1. I'm grateful for my home that I love sooo much, maybe too much as I really don't ever like to leave it.
    2. I'm grateful for my family that love me and understand that I may go off the radar for a while but they never hold that against me.
    3. I'm grateful for my job that I've had for 20 years and their understanding through all my problems and absences. Many other employers would have fired me a long time ago.
    #Agoraphobia #Fibromyalgia #Spondylolisthesis #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #SocialAnxietyDisorder