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GOALS#artheals #goals #remember #augistill

I have small goals, day to day goals,complicated,layered,personal goals for big goals,but https://goals.I have goals that are chores and ones that hurt me physically.
I have goals, to complete basic daily functions on time like all..My goals are mine but some were given to me, assigned till completion. Goals interrupted and goals self sabataged. Ive helped get many, to their goal, but not my goal.
The time has come for my own ambition for tomorrow will not be, fold my laundry or scrub the bathroom. My goals are talk a walk at 6am.
Drink water and take your medication.
Do not rush home,no one is waiting.
Leave this device for creative purposes https://only.You already know your way.

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Change The River's Path

#remember to breathe.
Deeply will expand your chest,
shallow and the heaviness
will always linger.

Redirect the current state.
Anyone can change;
this is your mantra.
Put to practice your belief.

Yesterday is gone.
Make the past informative.
Let it guide your behavior
to a better you.


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Today's thought:

I have Gratuitous amounts of things to Be ashamed of, embarrassed of, and hate about myself. I could if I wanted to sit and think about all the worst parts of who I was everyday. That's not going to help me grow. I am a better person now, but one thing I still struggle with is getting out of my own way. I am my biggest critic, my worst enemy, my hardest hurdle.

However, I am also my source of solitude, my best friend, my biggest fan. That is, if I allow myself to be. I can be stubborn and like an immovable force sometimes, but today I'm choosing to get out of my own way. #today I #choose me. Today, I begin to #forgive myself and #remember how far I've come.


#Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD

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Today, I remember how determined, defiant and optimistic I was as a little girl. Today, I remember how that little girl has insisted I stand up every time I was knocked down. Today, I remember how that little girl encourages me to get out of bed when I don't want to. Today, I remember that little girl is me, and I am her! #Bekind #remember #smile

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