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EDUCATORS, Are you too young to retire, but too sick to work?! #

This was me!! Y'all, I was going to work sick everyday, and on top if that, I was single, so I had no help financially. So I applied for TEACHER DISABILITY RETIREMENT - NOT Social Security Disability! In my state teachers don't pay into SS, so I wouldn't have qualified. I looked everywhere to find someone who had gone through the process with their state's school retirement but couldn't find one person. Well, I successfully applied and was approved! Maybe I can help you, too! I give FREE mini consultations. Just inbox me! Much love!!! Wendy ❤❤❤ #Chronically Ill Educators #sick Educators

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What is one small success you had this week, and what does that success say about you?

It does not matter how small the success is, just see if you can name at least one and identify a strength you have.
#Anxiety #warrior #Success #Chronically fabulous

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Ran out of steam

I let the mixer do the heavy work, so I baked buns yesterday. Made a few more bun and some bread this morning. End of energy, but on the good side, I’ve shared some of the results with others and froze the rest. Must celebrate small wins. #Asthma #Fibro arthritis #Chronically inflamed shoulders #chronic exhaustion #Migraines


Hi all #ME/CFS and #Chronically ill Warriors. I have a question about other # severely ill #post-menopausal women. I have daily fevers, sweat issues.

I have been ill with #ME CFS, #Fibromyalgia, #raynaud's Syndrome, #Osteoarthritis, #Diabetes type *1.5 due to 5 yrs misdiagnosed pancreatitis now I have pancreatic insufficiency, C-PTSD, depression and anxiety, Post concussion, fractured hand, etc from horrible car accident hit by a drunk driver (.215 bld alc), 2 months after my dad died. My grief is all over the place and I also grieve my loss of a working body to take care of my lovely 3 teenagers. In 2013, I made the decision to have my last ovary removed due to endometriosis. I took hormones for a while but I think I stopped because of side effects. Fast forward to now, I am now severely ill, dealing with at least 2 prolapses, fevers nightly and horrendous profuse sweating when I sleep. I hate this and I wake up often during sleep. I need guidance from women who are knowledgeable and have suggestions to help me please. I understand that any suggestions are not medical advice, and will discuss anything that I find interesting with my internal medicine doctor before trying. Thank you, God bless you all! Good morning/my goodnight too! 💙😴✌️


#Chronically Suicidal

I have Major Depression and Severe Anxiety for years, it got worse after my wife decided to take my kid and move back to her country. I also have a mild addiction problem.
Generally, I still miss and love them. It’s gonna be extremely hard for me to find myself another partner as I believe that marriage is eternal. For 4 years, she had not sent me any letter for divorce.

As my kid has settled down on his new life, I couldn’t bare to show up and probably mess up his chance of getting a healthy lifestyle.

So now, my daily routine has been stagnant. I rarely bath(like maybe once in every 2 months. Been taking all my meds daily(that is a lot of meds), got back to smoking heavily. Kinda like trying to kill myself chronically. I know I should not feel like that but I simply lost my entire world when they left.