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Final Results
19% ●
I love a few teas and use them often or even daily
6% ●
I have multiple books on Tea
15% ●
I am a beginner
9% ●
I have read some papers about Tea
4% ●
I discuss it with family and friends
19% ●
I know the main types of tea and learn more info on here
2% ●
I have a friend who knows tea. we always chat about it
11% ●
I have a Lot of tea I drink and I know those well
15% ●
I want to and am trying toearn more
47 votes
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Select all that apply
141 days left
I have MANY mugs-like 25-30
I have around 5 favorites I always use
I have 100+ and love each one
I have 31-61
I have 61-91
I love each mug I see
I an planning to buy more soon
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Brewing More Self-Love

The tea is Egyptian licorice (by Yogi teas) and the tea tags say “This life is a gift” and “Love is the ultimate law of life.” Sometimes it’s the little things like the messages on the tea bags that help me get through a tough day. I’ve locked my room door and am pretending to have already gone to sleep in hopes that I don’t have to interact anymore with the monster of a man who is my biological father. Whenever he gets back from whatever he did today—honestly, I don’t care. I just don’t want to see his face or talk to him more than I already had to. So I’m retiring in early for the night. The photos in this photo are some favorite pictures of me when I was a baby and 2.5 years old… it’s like my little altar of self love to my inner child on the table bedside my bed. It’s just something I did to help me stay positive. #tea #Selfcare #Selflove #innerchild #PTSDSupportAndRecovery

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Cuppa Self - Love

This morning is difficult, like rapids in a river. Please don’t ask about it. I don’t want to talk specifics with strangers online. I’ve been talking a friend about it this morning… and notified my therapist. So there’s no reason for anyone to fret about me. I made these cupcakes last night with self-love and positive thoughts about me as a child. So while it might not be what some might think is the best thing for breakfast… I don’t care. The mug is just a funny dark humor joke that helps me alchemize the invisible pain. Inside the mug is mushroom wellness blend (by Buddha Teas) with silk oat milk creamer (oatmeal cookie flavor). #breakfast #tea #Selfcare #Selflove #Trauma #PTSD #PTSDSupportAndRecovery

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Earl Grey Tea. #tea Time-Me Time

I find it a little bit funny how I seem to choose Earl Grey NEARLY ALWAYS, even thou there are others teas avalable.
Fruit tea is also nice especially berry ones. I have several kinds of Earl Grey Tea. 🫖🍫🍩

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#TheMighty #tea time-me time #Depression #Anxiety #Fibromyalgia #ChronicFatigue #ChronicPain

I am proud of myself today: did the washing up, some laundry, cleaned the toilet, the bathroom sink and polished the bathroom mirror ( this mirror hasn't been polished in at Least 15 Months ). Now I am sitting on my sofa and drinking tea. This community helped me to do these things today instead of

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Missing my parents. #TheMighty #CheerMeOn #checkinonme #liftmeup #tea time

In English this day is called The Good Friday but in Icelandic it is called Föstudagurinn langi ( The Long Friday). I am not sure how the Icelandic name came about, it must be because the events that happened in Jesus's life on this day. When I was a child,here in Iceland, there were many things you weren't, shouldn't or couldn't do on this day. Among those things were: not playing cards or any board games, on TV there was ALWAYS SOME TRAGDIC OPERA, no ice cream shops were open ( we as a nation really love ice cream and eat it around the year )and everything was closed. This sounds weird, right, especially when the main religion is Prostandt not Catholic. Today you can do almost anything as on a regular day except every goverment offices are closed. I took all of ,,these rules" very seriously as a child, was very obinent then. Sometimes when my mom was going to play cards with me, but suddenly rembemered it was The Good Friday, I almost felt some kind of guilt of even being thinking of playing cards! 😆😆😆 My dad would on Easter Sunday put our big chocolate eggs filled with candy on display on the piano stool and we began enjoying them ( each member of the family had their own egg ). My dad died suddenly 31 years ago and my mom died 14 years ago do to illnesses ( she was 81 ). My parents and I had a very good relationship, they both were kind and loving, don't get me wrong there some problems in our household like in everybody's else's. I miss my parents equally in good and bad times, these days it is a bit more then often before, why I am not quite sure of. So many memories, trips, holidays, parties, car rides, conversations and so on. Happy Easter everybody! 🐤🍫🐇😊🏵

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What’s your 2 favourite tea flavours? I love Vanilla Red Rooibos, and cinnamon/ginger/etc spice teas. ☕️⛸❄️⛄️
#home #tea #cozy #inbed #Winter

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Showing off the big mug I bought myself as an early Christmas present from me to me 🥰

It’s 700ml / 25 oz and I find it useful on two accounts. First, it helps stretch each teabag a bit further (I am a huge tea fan) and second, it also means less trips to the kettle. Win-win!

I spoiled myself with one of my favourite teas from Fortnum & Mason—lemon curd green tea. This is me enjoying the last teabag and raising my mug to you my fellow spoonie warriors ❤️

Sending virtual Yuletide spoons,
Taryn x

#tea #Spoonie #spooniesunday #spooniewarriors #Christmas #ChronicFatigue #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Selfcare

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Physical Health

I tamed my pizza or taco craving with strawberries and herbal tea in a favorite mug. I guess Tierra Drollinger is rubbing off on me because I bought both herbal tea and fruit tea. This decision has helped me make better food decisions because I find the tea filling and it tastes good.
#tea #BipolarDisorder #Depression