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My dog says hello and he wants everyone to know if anyone is having a hard time he will give as many kisses as needed to help cheer you up.

#Doglove #Depression #Upset #cronicpain #cronicillness


Tired & in pain

The day after I watch my grandsons Im so tired and in pain. Today Im watching my granddaughter I want to do more with them but i can't. Stress is so bad that Im back on my anxiety meds.( I was off them for a year and a half.) Now I have guilt because I can't do what I want for my house and my husband. I just want to be able to function. #onalityDisorder #anxiety #dep #cronicpain #cronicillness


I stopped #cronicillness

I stopped saying how I really feel when asked
I stopped explaining when you said I don't look sick
I stopped trying to defend myself when you told me I was acting lazy
I stopped being kind to you when you judged me and left me
I stopped hoping when no one called
I stopped


Is it hard to find a job we’re you can work from home?

My chronic illness has now made it very hard to do anything physical for very long. I currently I’m out on disability due to the COVID-19 but I was working in the medical field. ##Job #jobseeking #workfromhome#Jobhunting #cronicillness #Fibromyalgia #help


Daily Life has Changed Again #Dysautonomia #cronicillness

My life changes severely a few months ago when I first got diagnosed with #Dysautonomia. It changed how I lived my daily life. A few weeks ago, my life changed again when #COVID19 started spreading across the US. With each passing week, I knew my time spent out of the house was running out. That timer ran out last Friday. Please visit my blog and share how it’s changed your daily life.

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