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Do You Have Experience?

#joblife can be a nightmare when trying to find the right one. Unfortunately, many jobs exist that do not exist in the first place. I have applied for jobs recently, which I have not heard back from.

I also applied for jobs that I have been interviewed for and was told that they wanted to hire me and that I was the best candidate... but then later told that they found someone with a more robust skillset.

Just today - I received a message on Indeed that offered me to come in for an interview! YAY! Exciting right? Then, I was told they sent it to me by mistake and that I was not selected for a job interview. How can you make such a tragic mistake to someone desperately looking for quality work?

I applied for retail jobs and was told I needed to give full availability, but they do not guarantee hours. That means I would need to have several retail jobs to juggle to maintain consistent income, but that means they also want full availability.

I believe many things must be said about this. I reach out to any of you who are #Jobhunting or #struggling to make sense of things.

Are you #depressed ?

Are you #tired ?

Are you #sick of it?

Are you #Trying ?

Do not give up.#sharewithme your story.#Depression #BipolarDisorder #ADHD #Anxiety #MentalHealth #PanicAttacks #PanicDisorder

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Today I'm Feeling Very Depressed At The Moment.. Currently It's Very Hard To Find Work Why You Ask ? Employer's Are Being Extremely Picky With Jobseeker's. I Went On To Apply For A Job Close To Home. Walking Distance And I Went To The Meeting That She Set Up. And She Forgot To Met Me 😤🙄😠.. So We Talked On The Phone And She Asked Me If I Could Lift 50lbs Basket's Of Laundry. To Which I Applied No That I Couldn't. Because Of My Scoliosis... And Instead Of Giving Me A Chance To Try Out The Position. She Flat Out Denied Me. The Job Offer Because I Asked For An Accommodation. #Jobhunting 😤


We really need to find a way to shut depression up.

Hey everyone, I hope it's a good, peaceful day for you.

For me, it's being weird. Well, on second thought maybe not do much.

I just applied for a job. I finally came to the conclusion that if I don't expect to be able to make myself happy, I can at least and some money and move out to make everyone else.

Applying online is easy. You joy one button. No strings attached. Most of them won't call you back anyway so you don't have to expect anything.

Face to face applying is a whole other level. Social anxiety was the first visitor, of course and then... Everything else. The man was really kind but it was like we was calculating the whole time. I mean, I get it. I would have done the same. I'd want to know if the person in front of me is the right for the job.

I played cool and kind as my mind wasn't killing me the whole time. Told him I didn't have a similar job in the past and described where I had worked before. I even had the audacity to tell him I am e fast learner while the voice was getting louder. "You can't do this. You'll suck. You're wasting their time and if they choose you they're screwed. Your mental health will certainly get in the way too." I smiled through all this, gave him my CV and left.

And as I inhaled I was in the verge of tears. This was supposed to be a good step forward. It was supposed to be easier. I was supposed to feel better and I was supposed to feel anxious about him not calling me. I'm so nervous he's gonna call and take the deal and I'll screw everything up.

My mind can't stop. How am I supposed to find a job while being like that?
What do you do when you can't think of any positive scenario and your mind puts you down? #Depression #Anxiety #Jobhunting #Advice #MightyQuestions


How do you deal with feeling useless and purposeless when you're unable to work due to mental health issues? #jobless #useless #MajorDepression

I had to resign from my job back in June due to major depression/insomnia and being unable to function. After some med adjustments I am slowly starting to feel a bit better. I am terrified of finding a new job, or even putting myself back out there. Feeling pretty purposeless and rudderless at the moment and wondering if anyone had any words of guidance for someone feeling like starting over is a monumental undertaking or even where to begin. I feel like I've been such a shut-in for so long. Please help! #Anxiety #startingover #Jobhunting #scared #anxious #wheretobegin


Clunk clunk #Parenting

As the digital clock on my washer displays 10 minutes remaining, I become aware of the clunk clunk of a non-towel item in my towels-only load, and I pray, “Please, whatever that is, don’t let it be expensive and don’t let it break my machine.” #Jobhunting

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Feeling burnout is an understatement.

Trying to find something OTHER than Childcare is frustrating.

16 yrs in one field is quite a long time.

Being at the age of 34, whose going to hire me.

Knowing lil to nothing about those "now hiring" jobs hurts the soul.

Finding a job/career that can financial save me is my number one priority in this search... should it?

If Anxiety Corp was hiring, I'd be freaking CEO status...

Lack of Self-Confidence is managing every move I make.

My head is hurting from all of this.

Having the feeling of being lost is slowly taking over.

Talking about a career change has always been spoken of but clearly nothing takes place.

Putting my resume out & not hearing back tight away lowers my hope.

Not knowing what to do or where to go is annoying.

#Anxiety #Depression #Migraines #lost #Chatspace #CheckInWithMe #Jobhunting


I went to a #Job #interview on Friday, and since then I’ve had a horrible sinking feeling about succeeding. Should I turn down the opportunity?

I have been suffering with #ChronicFatigue , #ChronicPain , #PTSD , #ChronicNausea , and #ChronicMigraines for years now, with no clear cause, and it’s suspected that I probably am on the #Autism spectrum but mask “well” (bleh). This is just to name a few that are more important. Nothing has prevented me from working and I find working generally enjoyable. Previously, I was working for a 4-star hotel, and it was really starting to wear on my body and it made it more apparent to me that my fatigue and pain were just getting worse. Due to #COVID19 I was laid off for “restructuring”, and I’m now #Jobhunting . As a result, I had a second interview for a Patient Care Coordinator position on Friday, which seemed like a great fit for my skill set. It involves putting together financial plans, explaining the cost and the benefits of treatment with patients, and going over insurance. But after going in person, I learned that they actively want me to be getting up and down and going into patient rooms regularly as well as they really are aiming for that whole “type A bubbly personality thing” and I left the interview so exhausted I could not believe it. I usually do really well post interviews and this has not happened before. I ended up having a crash, #nospoons nap for several hours once I got home. And this nagging bad feeling just hasn’t gone away. I think I could absolutely do the tasks of the job, but I don’t know if I have the energy to keep up with that kind of bubbliness. I’m working with an employment agency to take most of the labor out of finding a job so that I can be more particular about the work I’m going into to make sure it’s something compatible with my disabilities and being able to bring my #ServiceDog back to work with me. (Which he would not be able to do in a healthcare setting where I’m entering patient rooms.) I had several hospitalizations while trying to work a job that would not allow my service dog because I “look” able-bodied (even though I use a #Wheelchair probably 30% of the time).

Should I turn down the job if I’m offered it? I’m really conflicted cause this is a feeling I’ve not had before and I just need advice from people who aren’t simply pushing the “you just feel like you couldn’t do it” and are neglecting that I AM #Disabled .


Job Applications #Anxiety

I am still trying to find a job. It's obviously not easy to even find an open position these days. I found a posting this evening that would be perfect and that even makes me feel excited.

And then I try to write a cover letter. Start imagining the interview. Think about what it would be like to walk into the office and meet my new coworkers.

The chest pains start. I get dizzy. I can't concentrate. I spend two hours writing three sentences.

I wish I could just magically skip this whole process and just be dropped into a position three months in.

#Anxiety #Depression #CPTSD #Jobhunting #startingover


Is it hard to find a job we’re you can work from home?

My chronic illness has now made it very hard to do anything physical for very long. I currently I’m out on disability due to the COVID-19 but I was working in the medical field. ##Job #jobseeking #workfromhome#Jobhunting #cronicillness #Fibromyalgia #help


A Setback

I thought I would be better today. I just found out that I was no longer qualified for a job vacancy that I had been rooting for these past few weeks. I was very excited for the job opportunity because it would be closer to home and it will hopefully get me out of the tight working condition that I am in now. I feel so much pain right now that I never thought I could feel. I feel so trapped right now. #JobSearch #Jobhunting #jobseeking #jobchange #disqualified