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So I need a therapist before my birthday arrives. But what if I can't help comparing them to my last therapist who was really great. The best I've had. I'm scared go put myself out there again. OK. So part of the problem is the negativity of this head of mine. Anyway. I wonder is it a bad sign if a therapist has to advertise their services. Surely that means they want clients but aren't getting any. Surely that's a bad sign. Or is that just rubbish thoughts from my head? Also left it too long to respond to a therapist who is booked up now. I hope I can afford it this time. Thanks. #CPTSD # therapy #depresson #Anxiety


Sciatica in full flare #sciatica #BackPain #Anxiety #ChronicPain #depresson

I've been suffering with lower-back issues on and off for 10 years now. Been to physical therapy several times but no relief. The pain usually subsides in a month unless I get steroid shots, which I'm not a fan of. I can't take pain meds because I have low plate count and they cause bleeding.
Today it is back in full flare. Can't sit, stand or lye on any side. I've tried to meditate but the pain just doesn't allow me to focus at all. It cosumes me totally. Naturally, my anxiety and depression accompany the pain.
Any suggestions are welcome!
Thank you and tell your loved ones how much you love and appreciate them every day, not just on Valentine's day. 🤗


first time user #depresson,anxiety, ptsd

hey first time using this app but I be feeling so alone in this world. I be feeling no one likes me they feel I am crazy and go off on them...

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tired of feeling down

wrote this after thinking about how I’ve been feeling lately.

taking one step at a time right now, is so hard.

#depresson #Anxiety #Stress #CheckInWithMe

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Steadfast #Anorexia #depresson #GAD #Cancer #Bipolar

Long time no post! Hi y’all :)
So ok, I’m gonna be completely honest and bring you guys up to speed with how I have been. Throughthis fall and this winter I underwent some major learning curves in my life, mostly in terms of personal growth and gaining a clearer perspective on life. That alone can be very draining. But mix in other organic factors of your life, and it can very easily turn into a time when we tell others “I’m not doing so well”. (Usually “fine” covers that, but this is a step further down than “fine”, if you know what I mean).
I went t rough a period where I was almost back to ground zero, as far as my depression and anxiety were concerned. Even my anorexia was raising its head at the sudden shift in my trajectory. I went months without brushing my teeth. Almost a week at a time between showers. I didn’t do my laundry, and when I did I certainly didn’t fold them. I didn’t cook for myself anymore, and when I did use any dishes, they sat for as long as it took for the food in them to rot and become an ecosystem for all sorts of maggots and fruit flies. I would sit in my car, after work, for hours at a time, just zoning out. I think one day I was in there for a solid 5 hours. And as is very obvious by now, I had absolutely zero reserved energy for being around other people. which is pretty dramatic for me, everybody’s social butterfly. I only had a select few that I even wanted to see.
You follow?
Then came the breakthrough. And by breakthrough, I don’t mean sudden 180. I mean, The Point Where You Can See Again. And getting there wasn’t pretty- I had a screaming match with God. I closed the door to my house, slumped to the floor with my back against the door, in my smelly, dark house. I pounded my fists in the floor and screamed at the top of my lungs everything inside of me that was killing me. To Him. I made it personal. I made it honest. And, wonder if wonders, He took it and still loved me. He told me to rest in Him. That He could see even more than I did. And that He still loved me even after me cussing and yelling at Him. And that’s when I got better agin.
Fast forward, I have in the last 3 months moved, am trying to save more money, go to the gym regularly, setting goals, and actually feeding myself nutritious food. And staying on top of my bills and houses cleanliness. My own personal care and wellbeing. Sure, I might still be in a bit of a cocoon, but I am on a rollercoaster that only goes up, my friends.
My relationship with the love of my life who struggles with bipolar 1, cancer, depression, schizophrenia, PTSD, and just about everything else is very heavy on my soul at times. We are sometimes far apart, a lot of the times, actually. And learning how to love and learn of another being takes stamina and effort. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. And besides, God said that He’s got me.
This is a picture of my progress- my healthy lunch at work. I’m cheering you all on, wherever you are at in your walk. ❤️


Just need to get off my chest

#depresson #ChronicPain . Lately, my man has been distant towards me. I feel like I am the reason he is acting this way. I know he works a lot, but I feel like I'm in the back burner. While I am giving my best to love him even though I am in pain. It's my fault 😥💔


Talking helps! #Depression #MentalIllness #BPD #Suicide

Ive spent the past three years talking about my #MentalHealth . It was awkward at first as i had isolated myself so much from everyone that i loved and who loved me that the only people around me were strangers. I got involved in a local community group and although i didnt know the others in the group, they were completely welcoming. I had not long received the diagnosis of #BPD after years of believing i was #Bipolar . I was struggling and completely alone. The women in the community group were very supportive and listened to what i had to say. With their encouragment i got more involved in my community and was very open about my health problems. While there was no pressure to talk i felt the need to share my experiences and was overwelmed by the support i then began to teceive from my local community. Everyone could identify with at least one of my issues. I realised i was not alone, i was not a freak and i am a worthwhile human being with alot to contribute to the world. I am very involved in my local #Community and volunteer regulary in local events, opening up to people has been the best thing i have ever done. I feel the support and love of the people around me and i will be eternally greatful. Sometimes all that is needed to turn a bad day into a good day is someone to ask “are you well”? As a result of talking about my mental health i now have the support around me and no longer feel so alone. #keeptalking #StopTheStigma #SuicidalThoughts #depresson #BPD


#MightyPoets #words #Poetry #Pain #depresson #Healing

They say words can move mountains. So i always hope that my words help you move all the mountains you’re carrying. You see once you heal you will understand why you broke. And you may be fighting until the day you die but battle after battle it won’t feel like a fight anymore. It’ll be in your nature to overcome.