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-34 C this morning. Keep safe # fibro #Asthma arthritis #Migraine #etc

On the bald headed prairies of Canada, we are very cold. And you know what cold does for many of our issues. If you can, stay under the covers, read a good book, or do some baking. Anything to improve one’s outlook on winter.

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Meanwhile76. I'm here because I am in need of coping skills due to depression#anxiety#PTS #PTSD #etc

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First Time Posting

My doctor has asked if I'd like to try Ketamine infusions. I tried the TMS, didn't help. Has anyone else tried and can give me their opinion?

#major depression #Bipolar #Anxiety ##PTSD #OCD #Fibromyalgia #etc #all MESSED UP

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Little helpful household tricks #Anxiety #TBI #RheumatoidArthritis #LBD #chf #Depression #etc

Disposable hair caps use for covering leftovers! Plastic wrap is too hard for me to deal with! This is amazing!

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Little vacation for my mind

Utube, thank you for the ‘sleep’ channels! My cousin told me to put in ‘sleep’ in the search area of Utube on my TV. I have found this to be so helpful! I can listen to rain, thunderstorms, waves on the beach, quiet bedrooms- lots of little ‘vacations’ for my brain. #utubesleep #SystemicLupusErythematosus #Anxiety #PTSD #BrainInjury #etc

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Who asked you?

Do you find those phrases encouraging or patronizing? I guess it all depends on so many things (the barometer, tides, meds, flares, pain, diagnosis, healthcare issues, doctor appointments, relapses, who knows) #ImJustDamnTired #IBS #Depression #PTSD #etc


IS EDS A KILLER #EDS #Anxiety #chronic PAIN #etc .

#EhlersDanlosSyndrome ??? Over many of my 68 years, have heard the question…is EDS a killer? I have seen that question so many times, but have never received any response or information, that ever gave the answer. At least, I have never been able to get an answer. Until now!

At 8 the horrible pain in my legs. Crying myself to sleep. At 9 the dislocations and was also blessed with my menstrual cycle, never to miss a month.
Besides this was terrible child abuse and neglect
It seemed like with every new decade, of my life, came another new challenge with EDS!
I do, have a severe case, and the amount of head injuries and neck injuries, that I endured from the age of 3, until the age of 32, amounted to 6 not counting my nose 4 times, at least broken and broken sternum, twice. Some accidents, 2 car, I was a passenger, the others some other types of accidents and some others, were not accidents!
With every decade, I was handed braces and braces, and when I got home, in the garbage can they went.
Was diagnosed, by a doctor, who was supposed to be listening, to my then husband, and he was a doctor in Boston, but was also a doctor on Chestnut Hill, those of us who are familiar with Chestnut Hill, in the MA area, know that the Orthopedic Doctor’s there are the best. This was one of the Doctors who worked on all the professional Sports Teams in MA! That speaks loudly! They do know their “shit”. This doctor stopped my husband and looked at me and asked me if I knew what I had wrong with me. I told him that I was never given a diagnosis. He started running down the Beighton test, which I was unaware of at that time and I answered yes to all of them. That was the first time I heard of, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome! Then I thought my prayers were answered, when I found out that I was up against a brick wall because only that doctor and my chiropractor, knew anything about it and back then, most chiropractors were not most doctors friends. But not one of my doctors knew more than a paragraph in their teachings. So up shits creek, in finding any help.
Fast forward to now, no longer early thirties but later sixties.
No EDS, unless you have the type that affects your heart, but type 3, no!!!Unless you have a severe case and the head and neck injuries that were never rehabilitated, then the answer changes to yes! I wear a hard collar brace for my neck, because my neck where it meets your spine, instead of continuing to go straight up, without my collar my chin touches my chest, giving such a small amount of space to swallow food, without it getting stuck and chocking myself. Besides that I wear an external back brace, that starts from the collar to below my hip area, to stop me from curling over, this is on top of the internal cage supporting my spine. And five other braces on other parts of my body. Just recently tore one of my tendons holding onto my shoulder, so now…running out of room. Be right back.