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#IntrusiveThoughts … After something #positive

My husband gave me a kiss on the cheek telling me a did a good job at dinner tonight. However, I get intrusive thoughts of “still not good enough” come across my mind because they were left over chili he made that I just reheated, salad I put together and a directional box of cornbread. 😞 Why does this happen all the time? I never voiced it publicly to strangers online before. It’s always been my friends and family on Facebook but I don’t want to be that Debbie Downer or that Attention Seeker. Being strong minded is very hard. I sure do envy those who are amazing at it. #NegativeThoughts #IntrusiveThoughts #ChronicDepression #whyme #attention #positive #NegativeThinking #MightyQuestions #Notenough


My grandma starts her first treatment of chemo in a week and I dont know what to expect 😪 mind automatically thinks the worse #Anxiety #NegativeThinking

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Turning 35 #BirthdayGirl

On February 22nd I turned 35. My birthday party was on the 20th. I have not really much had changed. However, I know that #Family is everything. I have been through so much this year. I have been on #Disability for so long.

I realized that it takes time to heal. It was clear that it would take more than a month to recover from years of not getting on the right #Medicine . I thought about how my old #PsychiatricMedication did not work for me. My #Psychiatrists office was horrible. Now that I am in a new practice, I am feeling much better. I am beyond #thankful that things are the way they are right now.

I may not be where I used to be, but I know I am heading where I want to be. I seek #stability in my life. I know we all do. We want to be able to handle issues, problems, grief or loss in better ways than we have for years. #stayingpositive is key to moving forward, but #stayingcalm is another story also. It takes a lot to think positive because it's so easy to be naturally driven to negativity.

Imagine, you hit your toe against the side corner of a table... Yet someone is telling you you're beautiful at the same time. Which are you going to think about more? The voice of the one telling you you're beautiful, or the toe that has sooting pulsating pain up your leg into your brain? This is like #NegativeThinking in action for someone like me.

So... #Cheers to making it to 35. I pray that God helps my Dad's health, and the rest of my family's health. I pray for peace and comfort in times of pain. I pray for my Dad to be #CancerFree and I pray for all who are reading this message.

I may be all over the place tonight.. but I know that #BipolarDepression can only make me stronger.

God Bless You.
So say we all.

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Stuck in my feelings today

The negative self talk is convincing me I do this to myself and deserve to feel this way... And it's stuck on a loop. Just need to get out of my own head I guess. #Depression #NegativeThinking #Broken

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Nuerodivergent and Borderline Positive! What self qualities are you proud of?

#BpdPositive and #proud !#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder is often be seen negatively as one of the most painfully difficult disorders to overcome, but I want to #Breakthecycle and end the #NegativeThinking #Stigma and #BorderlineStigma !

I love my ability to genuinely and sincerely empathize with others. I appreciate my artistic skills, creativity, insight, passion, and profound positivity! I am loyal and love fiercely. With radical honesty, I am an open book and deeply caring friend to others.

What are some positive traits about yourself in light of your #Neurodiversity ?

#Proudofmyself #proud #Positivity #positive #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPDDiagnosis #Anxiety #AnxietyTips #ITSOKAYTOTALK #itsokaytonotbeokay #therapyiscool #Depression #MentalHealth #mentalhealthconfession #Selflove #Selfcare #Share #shareyourstory #destigma

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Unhelpful Thinking Styles #Anxiety #NegativeThinking

So important to do our best in trying to CHALLENGE these negative thinking patterns which is what CBT helps in doing and also having a more COMPASSIONATE approach to yourself and your journey of healing and dealing with your mental health! #CBT #Selfcompassion


Days Without Incident: 0 #BipilarDisorder #NegativeThinking

Yesterday, I had a very bad episode. I was think about myself, and then boom I didn't know who I was anymore. I called my mom and oldest sister and asked them for information about my ancestors. You see my mom and dad had my late in life so I never met a lot of my family. Only knew one of my real grandparents. And my great-gradmother. Both on my mom's side. With their ages they didn't have birth certificates. Only handwritten information.
I looked at my DNA results and none of it made sense to me.
Thankfully I had the clarity to call my best friend who is on my support team. She brought me back and helped me ground myself in reality.
It sucks when the person who picks up on clues I'm not okay live a billion hours from you. #Support


Why is it not over... #

this horrible feeling of not being enough? ! I'm constantly battling this feeling again for the last week, at work and in my private life. I have a lot of things to handle right now in both sectors and although I give my best I still feel like it is not enough. There are days when all I want is to go to bed and not get up until Christmas. To find some peace of mind I am falling back into an old behaviour and silent my thoughts with food, chocolate To be exact. Which is stupid in so many ways but so is my other motion which is shopping. I have no idea how to handle the next couple weeks til my holiday. But I 'll see my therapist before and we will work on some strategy. What is yours to avoid over thinking??? #Depression #NegativeThinking #EatingDisorder #neverenough


My homework for this week.

My therapist wants me to take my negative thoughts and “pop them” then twist them into a positive one. It seems impossible; I just think of even more negative ones as to why I can’t possibly do this.
#NegativeThinking #Therapy #AllorNothing

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