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I need many many prayers, please 🙏❤️

I’ve been in this depressive episode since November, however it continues to get worse but than some days or weeks I’ll find relief. Unfortunately I’m falling really deep into it. I have many things wrong in my life right now too that isn’t helping the situation. This time however having fallen deep into this episode again, not only am I feeling it mentally but physically as well. My whole body aches so bad and my GI tract is all a mess. Im requesting many prayers please that I make it out of this, even better that I make it out soon. I appreciate each and every one of you. You may not see me on here as my phone brings so much anxiety when I’m like this. I’ll be praying for you all as well.
#Prayer #Prayersneeded #powerofprayer #MajorDepressiveDisorder #severeanxiety #ThankYou

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Update 3 on Loki

Well I couldn't get him to eat at all! He has had some water but doc says only 1 to 2 cups ever 2 to 3 hours!
He had a bit of light play in the back yard and went for a short walk. Trying to work up an appetite, he enjoyed his walk and even did his usual roll around. We kept it really short! It didn't work, he had a drink but no food! So I ended up putting his rice and boiled beef into a blender with veggies broth, water, rice milk I made from his rice, a little scoop of pumpkin and his probiotic supplements doc gave him blended it all together and put it in a big syringe and he took two syringe full! It's a start! I will keep doing this and ask if it is ok to try him more on solid food at tomorrow night or even the next day! Fingers crossed they say it's ok!
Me my anxiety is high... very fatigue and I am getting sore. I am going to get some sleep cause I have to work too tomorrow! Luckily I work from home so I dont go far from my Loki!
I keep having some crying moments cause I cant make him feel better asap. I never had Tucker at this age and never had any issues like this with him. I am trying to let Loki live his best life and he keeps getting sick on me.
He is in bed with us now sleeping! I will let you know how he is in the morning!
Thanks for all the love and advice, I can feel all of your strength!
The picture above is him getsome snuggle time with his big Sissy! My oldest daughter!
#Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Anxiety #Flareup #stressed #Loki #Prayersneeded #MightyPets

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This evening was scary! I was vacuuming after the kids left and all inherited is this big crash. I look out my door towards the intersection all I see is a antique car smashed up and a minivan sitting up on a yard!
I rushed over to see the man from the antique car yelling but he was ok! I asked he said he was! As I running to the minivan I seen carseat on their sides, two disoriented couple in the front. I started screaming asking if there are babies or children in the car, but thank the lord they were in daycare!!
The minivan ran our stop sign and the antique car t-bone the minivan. The minivan did a full turnaround and ended up on the curb of someone's yard!
As I started talking to them a bystander started yelling at them and giving them shit for running the stop sign. I was so calm and told him they are disoriented and he is not right right now so let's just step back!
The gentleman got me to text a friend to tell them where they are, he was so shaking! I ran to the other side and you couldn't even open the door, it was smashed in! I learned she was very pregnant! Loki's girlfriend's family ended up running over with water bottles. I stayed by them until help came!
I just cant stop thinking of the lady!! She was only a week away from her due date!!
I believe in the power of prayer!! Please send the mother and her unborn child a prayer!
Seriously in that whole time, I felt no pain and I ran so hard, like I never had in years! Now I am calming down, I am feeling it! #Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #emotional #sore #Prayersneeded

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Prayer warriors

👮 and 🚑 been hanging around for the last 2 1/2 hours. First no sirens, just now more 👮 and sirens at the neighbors. Known depression and guns in the house. Concerns
#MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #Suicide #Prayersneeded

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Overwhelmed and stressed

Im Overwhelmed and stressed with my home situation. As some of you who read my posts and follow me know about my drunk dead beat dad of a brother. He has been getting drunk off his ass every single day. And has been treating his wife and all of us like crap. My parents are tired and so am I. My sisterinlaw doesn't have anywhere else to go. And she loves my brother. But he is just so toxic with her and everyone around him. He started harassing the neighbors a few days ago because the guy would get him beer if my brother helped him. My neighbor doesn't drink and he didnt even get himself anything with the money he got to get the beer for my brother he would just have enough after to give to his family. Now that my neighbor stopped servicing my brother with his fix he decided to go to his house and demanded him to keep getting him beer. My poor neighbors wife had to call my parents sounding scared that my brother was at their house uninvited and demanding for her husband to keep buying him beer. And then today my brother was harassing my aunt to bring him a bottle from Mexico. Its just so much bull with him. I'm fearful of what he is capable of. I wish he would just get locked up already for stealing. Or driving drunk. Just something. He thinks hes untouchable. He needs to be brought into reality and realize what he does has consequences. And to top it off I'm afraid my family and I might get covid because my brother will just take off somewhere and we dont know where or with who. He said he doesn't care what happens. So thats my vent. #Vent #Family #help #Prayersneeded


Prayers needed

If you pray, please send some prayers for my grandma and my family. My grandma is 92, her 93rd birthday is in 6 days. She lives with my parents and I, and has been in long term hospice for about a year after having a stroke. She was doing well until two weeks ago when she was in respite care for five days... when she came home the change was unbelievable. She could no longer walk and was extremely weak. The nurses/aides did not get her out of bed, did not change her clothes, and did not shower her. Her nurses/aides from hospice were not allowed in the facility “due to COVID”. The facility administration says that’s not true, that they were told they could come.

We are devastated. That nursing home is the reason my grandmother has entered the final stage of her dementia, and will probably not make it to New Years. I don’t even think she’ll make it to Christmas. She has been bedridden for the past three days, is rarely awake, and barely speaks, and when she does I can’t really understand her.

At this point we’re just keeping her comfortable and waiting for the inevitable. My parents and I have gotten sick from being so worn down and stressed, and unfortunately my mother had to be tested for COVID today as her doctors suspects she has it, which means both my father and I, not to mention my grandma, have been exposed. We won’t know for 48 hours if she’s positive or not.

I’m just really sad, overwhelmed, stressed, and feeling like crap right now. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. #Prayersneeded #CheckInWithMe #Hospice #Dementia


Prayers needed

If you pray, please send up some prayers for my mom. We had to call 911 for her this afternoon. She presented with shortness of breath, upper abdominal pain that radiates to her back, chills, nausea. Paramedics wanted her checked out, so I drove her to the ER. She’s been admitted. It looks like she has pancreatitis and cholecystitis. A surgeon will talk to her in the morning.
I live with my parents, along with my 92 year old grandmother. My mom is pretty much her sole caregiver. We have hospice come twice a week to shower her. Unfortunately we’ve been without power since Tuesday. Luckily it just came back about two hours ago. So since we’ve been without power, she hasn’t had a shower since last Saturday. We called the on call nurse, to see if someone could come out tonight to help, but there is no on call aide, so we’re out of luck. So I got home from the hospital about 8:30, and had to get my grandmother ready for bed. I’m exhausted. I had two panic attacks earlier, my HR has been all over the place today, going as high as 183. I just want to go to bed.
#Prayersneeded #CheckInWithMe


#Anxiety #Prayersneeded

I have been awake since 1 am. it is nearly 5 am. I am completely stressing out about our finances. My husband was supposed to get a retro check a month ago and we still haven't seen it. We have less than $100 to our name and food stamps. we have at least two over due bills that are $100 each. I just want to be caught up on bills!