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A photo that means the world to me

This photo makes me smile because on that day someone dear to me, taught me how to kiss and some kid pulled the fire alarm so we had to run & he also carried me up a flight of stairs just because I didn’t think he could. Justice made me smile so much that day that my face hurt. Matter of fact he made smile everyday that much and I have so much gratitude for him and his family. Sadly he was taken from the world on June 12th 2010 someone murdered him and it changed the lives of many forever, myself included. Here are a few things I learned from such a beautiful person inside and out.

1) Appreciate all beings, no matter how short or long you’ve known them. Make your time on earth with people count, be present. Cherish everyone & every minute on earth.

2) Never let anyone call you out of your name. Know your worth. We are all worthy of respect.

3) Relationships can be complicated but when all is said and done if they end, don’t drag each other through the mud. Respect the love you once shared & move on in a civil manner.

4) Justice made friends with everyone, he was so accepting. He cared about whether people were good people, not about what they were wearing or what clique they were in.

5) If you’re able help the homeless. Justice would ask his mom for additional lunch money & it wasn’t until his funeral that she learned what he was doing with the extra money.

6) We never know what someone is struggling with silently, so always be kind!

10.01.1993 - 06.12.2010
♡ rest in paradise justice

#Grief #LifeLessons #MightyMinute #lossofbestfriend #ComplicatedGrief #griefjourney #bestfriend #gratitudegetsmethrough


Dear mom

Thank you so much for being an rmt. I don’t know what I would do without you. Thank you so much for the shoulder cushion . You are a genius. I love you so much 🤟 😘 #Gratitude #gratitudegetsmethrough #grateful #ThankYou #EhlersDanlosSyndrome


How is everyone’s Monday going?

I’m having a pretty good day. Much prayer, meditation and tapping is helping. Good leads on new clients also helping my outlook. Hope everyone else is feeling grateful and not triggered today. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #gratitudegetsmethrough #meditate

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Friday in June, my favorite month, sleeping under the stars when I was a kid, strawberries...last night’s sunset couldn’t have been more husband out on the deck sharing it with me...finestkind


#Gratitude #gratitudegetsmethrough #just for today

I am grateful for getting to bed sober tonight

I am grateful for the safe place to sleep tonight

I am grateful for the courage to stay out of a toxic situation and the development of boundaries

I am grateful for the courage and willingness to share even my most ridiculous intrusive thoughts with a trusted friend as it takes the power out of the rumination

I am grateful for the easy access to a bath where I am granted the opportunity to meditate

I am grateful for the presence of a higher power with me today as I work through

I am grateful for the support network around me

I am grateful for laughter and making light of the self induced miseries I would put myself through

I am grateful for the small acts of kindness i have had the willingness to carry out today

I am grateful for the food provided

I am grateful for the use of my eyes

I am grateful for my creative wandering today

I am grateful for the willingness to write w gratitude list

Stay with your life today
God bless 🙏

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The VAMPIRE Lab Strikes again!! LOL

Why is it every time I get blood work it has to be like a vampire draining my dry!!!
Like being chronically sick is not already challenging and draining enough, then I have to work to remake all this blood SMSH :)
My friends and family always were shocked when I told them it is usually up-wards to 15 vials of blood each time.. they couldn’t believe it - so I started taking pictures lol!
Can I be real and just say I HATE having blood work taken now, after all these years just exhausting...
However, I am working hard at positively re-draining things in my mind around my illness, and my life in general so this morning here are some things I told myself to help get through the uncomfortable feelings of having my blood drawn...
“This is not my favorite thing, it makes me uncomfortable, but I will be okay, I can get through it just like I always have.”
“I might not love this, but I am thankful that I have a doctor who cares enough to check my body is okay.”
“I am lucky to have this kind compassionate phlebotomist to draw my blood this morning.”
“I am lucky to have medical care at all, as many around the world today at this very moment do not and would trade places with me in a heartbeat.”
#gratitudegetsmethrough #mindfullness #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #MitochondrialDisease #InvisibleIllness #Spoonie #Mito #LymeDisease #Dysautonomia #McadDeficiency #GlycogenStorageDisease #PTSD