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Where’d they go?

I feel like I am being abandoned and rejected by all of my friends. I know I talk about things going on and how I feel alot. I don’t want to be this depressed n draining person that nobody enjoys being around. I currently have no close friends and spend every weekend alone. I am glad I have parents that live here and invite me over on the weekends. The truth is though I miss hanging out with people my age. I miss having friends. This year every friendship,old, new or close has either gone or fizzled out. I just want people to stay in my life and want me around. #bpdsymptoms #lossofbestfriend #rejected #FearOfAbandonment #brokenontheinside

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A photo that means the world to me

This photo makes me smile because on that day someone dear to me, taught me how to kiss and some kid pulled the fire alarm so we had to run & he also carried me up a flight of stairs just because I didn’t think he could. Justice made me smile so much that day that my face hurt. Matter of fact he made smile everyday that much and I have so much gratitude for him and his family. Sadly he was taken from the world on June 12th 2010 someone murdered him and it changed the lives of many forever, myself included. Here are a few things I learned from such a beautiful person inside and out.

1) Appreciate all beings, no matter how short or long you’ve known them. Make your time on earth with people count, be present. Cherish everyone & every minute on earth.

2) Never let anyone call you out of your name. Know your worth. We are all worthy of respect.

3) Relationships can be complicated but when all is said and done if they end, don’t drag each other through the mud. Respect the love you once shared & move on in a civil manner.

4) Justice made friends with everyone, he was so accepting. He cared about whether people were good people, not about what they were wearing or what clique they were in.

5) If you’re able help the homeless. Justice would ask his mom for additional lunch money & it wasn’t until his funeral that she learned what he was doing with the extra money.

6) We never know what someone is struggling with silently, so always be kind!

10.01.1993 - 06.12.2010
♡ rest in paradise justice

#Grief #LifeLessons #MightyMinute #lossofbestfriend #ComplicatedGrief #griefjourney #bestfriend #gratitudegetsmethrough


#Depression #alone #lossofbestfriend #Nofriends

In a matter of minutes, I lost everyone close to me to due to a jealous ex friend. She told everyone who I ever venting about to her what I said. Everyone hates me and it’s like a group of them. They’ve tried to tell my significant other things about me but he stuck by my side. I have a few people who have checked on me. I was depressed. I felt unloved by everyone, and I still feel it. I’m taking it day by day. Everyone goes through something. But I’ve been talking to God to get through it all. It’s not easy but I’m feeling better


I shouted at a friend today. #Suicide #lossofbestfriend

So my friend is going through a really hard time with mental health right now and he is fresh out of a brake up but today he told me he was thinking of suicide and in that moment I became the biggest hypocrite I have ever been. I have made more than one attempt on my life (not that he knows that) but I have also buried seven friends over the last few years due to suicide, that’s a lot when you consider I’m only 25. But I lost myself in anger and fear when he told me and I yelled at him and broke down crying telling him not to make me bury another friend. I ended up begging him not to do that. Safe to say I really upset him and I spent the rest of the time saying sorry to him. I feel like utter crap for what I did. I wish I could take it back.

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5 stages of Grief

Sometimes when we lose someone (a pet or person) we forget that the grieving continues even after services. Check out my article to learn how to cope with each stage.
https://themighty.com/2018/10/stages-of-grief-how-to-cope/ #Grief #denial #Bargaining #anger #Depression #Acceptance #Loss #ChildLoss #Parentloss #SiblingLoss #lossofbestfriend #InternationalSurvivorsOfSuicideLossDay #Suicide #Loss

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#lifechanges #Misery

Never thought I’d end up back here, lonely in a crowded room. I met my other half, my missing piece and thought it was finally over but life hadn’t finished messing with me yet!! April came and our world was turn inside out, cancer, terminal cancer!! Suddenly the rug was gone from beneath me and despite my difficulties I had to face it, I could cry after he was gone, I could break then!! Now he has gone, so much faster then anyone thought he would and I feel lonely and broken. 3 months have felt like three life times but I’m going to get through, some how, some way I will come through this. He made me promise not to stop living, he made me promise to find a way to laugh again so I will, I won’t break my promises to him even though he is gone. So I will learn to live with my poor health even without him coz I at least have a life when his was taken too soon. So look out life u haven’t beaten me yet, broken I might be but finished I am not..... #chronicillnesswarrior #lossofbestfriend


Grieving the loss of my cat #petloss #Grief #Depression

I've struggled with major depression all of my life. My cat passed away at the end of July, I've been more depressed than I was before. My #ChronicPain days are worse without her calming pressence. #outofsorts #lossofbestfriend