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#MISS my daughter #

#It is a s- - ty night .She is my best friend/daughter #. I miss her so much.Yea well you can call or text her. #Guess what , that’s not the same thing .
I am angry,because I am getting older,cause my daughter is gone. I am over the top proud of her, she is an amazing young person.And my son is great and he will be gone and on his own.We have been blessed with two excellent kids I say kids but they are grown. I am in tears writing this. #AS hard as I worked my body, I am disappointed in where I am now. #in the summer she likes to go to the beach. # before when the where younger I would say he’ll yeah let’s go. But now, my f- -king body Dicktates what I can and can’t do and I hate . I could put my fist through a wall. I want to destroy something .But I hurt to bad.And when she comes home from college, she wants to do stuff,maybe go shopping or go to the park,the flea market people sale all kind of stuff.If I am having a bad day she and her dad will take her.This last time I was not able to do much.They say stress causes fiber flare They can last from a short time to a long time #.I am so so angery I have to find something. #I am so tired of this crap.I just want to be better for my kids. I love them so much.I will cry my self to sleep. #Love #

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Love the flowers #Guess this is how to do hashtags

Really hope to try the new lens Macro lens while we still have flowers All I can say is been a very very difficult and strange year so be safe and healthy and try to enjoy what is left of the summer ⛵️🦞🐶😸

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Baking decorations fail #Fail #laughterisgoodmedicine #Giggles

Good Morning Mighty Friends and Family 😀🖐⏰🌞

As you can see from my picture
I had a slight error in my latest baking decoration 🍰
Can you guess what it was suppose to actually be. ??

Because it looks nothing like the it's the recipe card picture.

Me thinks the buttercream was a bit to runny 😁😂😅😉
Nothing to do with my expert skills 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
But they did taste yummy and that is all in the end that counts and I had fun making them.

Now make your guesses. ????!!!!!
Enjoy🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😏 Tj 😘 #Fun #Bakingfails #justforfun #Lovebaking #Guess #Love #NeverAlone #MightyTogether #RareDisease #Stayinghome #staysafe #Havefun #Dontbetorude #lol #LaughOutLoud #Laughingatmybaking #lovemyselfagain #Bekind #Joy #Depression #Anxiety