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You failed to Keep me safe
You failed to Love and protect me
You failed to Respect me, honor me
You failed to Take care of me before I could take care of myself
You failed to Choose me over your addictions
You failed to Be proud of me ever
You failed to Listen and believe me
You failed to Believe in me, accept me
You failed to Support me, hear me
You took my voice from me
You failed as a mother

But in your failures I learned

I learned to think about my words before I say them as they can hurt forever
I learned To respect people
I learned To not allow people to disrespect me
I learned to Listen when people talk
I learned to be courageous
I learned that I am enough just as I am
I learned to be proud of myself
I learned I have friends that support me and accept me just as I am
I learned how to survive terrible situations
I learned that I don’t need your love as I am loved by God

.You failed as a mother, but I succeeded as a survivor



I have tried so hard for so long not to cut. Its been over a year and today gave in. My body has already been reacting to my struggles, constricting my throat and digging nails into my palms theyve callused. Today after more issues on top of issues im done. Failed once again. #Selfharm #Fail #disapointed #Hatemyself


Slow day

Just having one of those days were even the body feels you..tired, grumpy,sad,sick stomach...mi brain just go and go . Can't stop it. I try to watch tv but Im not paying attention, I want to do something but end up going something else....feel again,sad,guilty,ugly,worthless... #sad #tired #Guilty #Fail


Update on Tamale making

We made tamales but threw them away because one ingredient the masa the stuff that goes around the meat was tasting off. But all in all it was a learning experience. #Family #Cooking #Fail

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#Fail #escrusciating #Pain #Fibromyalgia #Upallnight #Sleep

Can't do it. flaring over matter" isn't working..this time.......lack of sleep has my #Fibro pain flaring BIG-Time!!! Gonna take these pills used to help me sleep soon as my virtual psychiatric appt. (via ZOOM is over, .....#unbearable . Fibro-#flare .....It'll be better after I get some much needed #rest & sleep. Haven't gotten enuf sleep both the past 2
nights & this is what happens when you have fibro. #Disappointments of , cancellations of plans , Is hard & sometimes I feel its #stupid to raise my #hopes & try so hard when fibro itself has me totally #exhausted . I'm whipped. I am giving in to what my body needs & gonna get some sleep soon as I can. bye for today🙋......i need to practice some #Selfcare & do what I need to do to take care of myself, 😴😴😴😴😴("HOPEfully")hahaha!!!! Hahaha 😂😂😂

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Baking decorations fail #Fail #laughterisgoodmedicine #Giggles

Good Morning Mighty Friends and Family 😀🖐⏰🌞

As you can see from my picture
I had a slight error in my latest baking decoration 🍰
Can you guess what it was suppose to actually be. ??

Because it looks nothing like the it's the recipe card picture.

Me thinks the buttercream was a bit to runny 😁😂😅😉
Nothing to do with my expert skills 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
But they did taste yummy and that is all in the end that counts and I had fun making them.

Now make your guesses. ????!!!!!
Enjoy🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😏 Tj 😘 #Fun #Bakingfails #justforfun #Lovebaking #Guess #Love #NeverAlone #MightyTogether #RareDisease #Stayinghome #staysafe #Havefun #Dontbetorude #lol #LaughOutLoud #Laughingatmybaking #lovemyselfagain #Bekind #Joy #Depression #Anxiety