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#staysafe #Bekind #supportisthere #Togetherness #Hope #strengh

Stare out of the window
A smile across my face
I feel I’m getting somewhere
My fears I’ve put in place

At last I’ve taken steps
To at least be brave enough
Although it’s taken time
Choices have been tough

My Angel mum is so proud
Of this I know I’m sure
In the way she’d loved me
Made me feel so reassured

We often don’t remember
Our lovely moments caught
But what amazes me more
Is in the moments taught

I look out to the sunsune
Although it’s wintertime
Beautiful bright sun above
I just know I’ll be just fine

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Protect Your Peace! #boundaries #HealthyBoundaries #protectyourpeace

Validate yourself and you won’t rely on attention from others for your self worth! You are enough and worthy as you are! Protect your peace and energy especially from people who drain you and especially if you can’t cut off toxic people just ensure you establish your boundaries to PROTECT YOURSELF! Nothing and no one is worth more than your health! #staysafe #establishboundaries #MentalHealth #Selfcare #boundariesareimportant

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I think the best way to prevent ourselves from
This present pandemic is staying safe and always having our mask on when we out...

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For those of you with bladder issues, what are your experiences with water tablets?

Hey, everyone. I hope you’re all okay and staying stage during this crazy pandemic. I was hoping I could get some advice?

Since August I’ve been having problems with fluid retention in my legs. They get very swollen and very painful. They usually stay like that for a week or two, then it completely disappears... And comes back some weeks later. This has happened three times now (currently experiencing the third episode as I’m writing this). The last time it happened, my doctor arranged for me to have some blood tests to check for fluid around my heart. The result came back with only a little, so it’s a low rated risk of heart failure.

But that same doctor said that if it happened again she would likely put me on water tablets, like furosemide.

But... I already pee so so much. During the day it’s nearly once every hour and during the night I have been known to get up THIRTEEN times! Which is crazy all by it’s self. The way that water tablets work is that it makes the fluid in your legs get peed out, instead of just sitting in the limb. So, naturally, water tablets make you pee A LOT.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to cope with it. It’s hard enough now, having to pee all the time and then worry every time I leave the house in case I end up not being close enough to a bathroom...

What do you think I should do? I wear compression stockings and I do leg exercises and massage them as best as I can.

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. Stay safe, my lovelies.

#chronicillnesswarrior #Chronicpainwarrior #POTS #EDS #NAFLD #BPD #interstitalcystitis #Diabetes #FluidRetention #help #Advice #legpain #staysafe

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Never ending anxiety #Wakeupwithit #Gotobedwithit

I have been anxious since the day I was born 3 months premature in 1965.
It ebbs and flows but never truly goes away.
Covid has amplified it.
Toronto Canada is in red and everything is I'm lockdown but essentials.
Being alone is scary, lonely and neverending.
#maramyservicepup keeps me focused and on some sort of routine.
I know there are SO many of you feeling the same.
I never thought loneliness could be so soul crushingly heavy.
#wearamask #staysafe #Sendinglove #ChronicPain #CerebralPalsy

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Laura the Hurricane #staysafe #CheckInWithMe

Hello Chatspace

Just wanted to say stay safe to everyone who is anywhere near the hurricane.

Please look after yourself and your families and friends

Much love to you all Tj 😘
#Chatspace #Friends #Family #Love #Hugs #MightyTogether


Bundle of Frayed, Raw Nerves #MightyPoets #Poetry

My hysterical heart is violently pounding,

Fueled by gripping fear, frenzied anguish, and unanswered questions.

My soul is shrieking,

Tearing at my insides,

Desperate to be scattered into a million places at once.

My body is screaming,

Trembling from neurotic agitation.

Shivering from turbulent anticipation,

Burying feelings of dread into an emotional void.

My mind is frantically weeping,

Crying out from overwhelming, agonizing empathy.

For myself,

My loved ones,

And for those in distant lands.

My writhing guts are twisting and knotting,

Nausea rippling through my stomach lining.

Acidic secretions churning and foaming,

Climbing up my throat,

Stripping enamel from my teeth,

And bathing my tongue.

Entombed between four oppressive walls,

Encased in boredom, angst, and despair.

Father Time may still move quickly,

Seconds melting into minutes,

Hours dissolving into weeks,

Yet it’s as if the entire world has been paralyzed with uncertainty.

I can only hope that this nightmare soon ends,

And unhooks our lives from its stinging claws.

Yet waiting, immobilized from panic and shock,

Is the hardest part.


#MightyPoets #Poetry #poems #Anxiety #Crisis #scared #StayStrong #Bekind #staysafe #sad #hurt #strength #strong