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    In My So Called Lupus Life

    Hi! My name is Rhonda and I am new here. I am a 52 year old punk rock poet and spoken word artist, working in homelessness, and have been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus since I was 16. I have been given 6 months to live many times. I am looking for an online support system to discuss the challenges of having such a torturing chronic illness. #Lupus #SystemicLupusErythematosus #ChronicIllness #punkrock #MightyPoets #Poetry #Homeless #homelessness

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    Housing issues #Housing #homelessness

    I have a roof over my head but not a home. I just got a voucher so I’d have my rent paid for 12 months. But finding a landlord willing to take it is going to be rough, even though I’m a good tenant just poor. I always paid my rent, no eviction or anything I managed to send 3 emails today to landlords and got one immediate rejection-no vouchers. I must do better but I don’t know how. I still don’t have a therapist as the one I was assigned keeps canceling. I’m looking at major surgery in the next few months. I’m in mental and physical pain every day. I’ve been juggling all this for 6 months now and I’m very very tired. #depressed

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    Robert Schmus

    The Power of Stories, Listening to One Another and Human Connection

    The human touch. The way we interact with each other is pretty remarkable. Now I don’t just mean talking with a person. Communication is needed, but there is something else needed to really truly understand a person. And that is to listen. By listening to another person’s story, where they come from, who they are, and what they have been through, you can really get to know the true soul of a person. We get so tangled up in our own lives that we forget to listen to those around us. Through listening to others, we get to open our minds to human connection. This has shown to be true through many forms of media, such as Humans of New York. I have always believed in this as well. I remember one person who’s story really intrigued me. It was an afternoon in Weehawken and I just got off the ferry after spending the day in Manhattan. When I was on the way to my car, I noticed a young woman sitting next to a tree in a nearby park. She had short black/brownish hair, wore a blue shirt, and had dark blue eyes. She had a sign next to her saying that she needed money for food. She also had next to her pieces of art she made. The next thing I knew, I sat down and we started to converse. She told me about the troubles she was having in her life and how she was moving forward. She also told me about the places she has been to and how she was on her way to Upstate New York to meet with friends she will be staying with for the time being. Just hearing her story fascinated me, knowing how each person had something about themselves that made them who they are today. At the end of our conversation, I dropped a dollar in the hat next to her. She said thank you, to which I replied that it was no problem. From there, I started to walk to my car and drove back home. Although it was only a few years ago, somehow it still remains in my mind. The truth of the matter is, anyone’s story can do that. Any person you come across in life can have a story that can leave an impact. From a CEO to the average Joe or Jane you bump into, they all have a story to tell. I guess that’s why it is called the human touch. I always wonder what story each person on this planet has to tell.

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    Docoseries 'Filthy Rich and Homeless'

    <p>Docoseries 'Filthy Rich and Homeless'</p>
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    Writing my story

    #Stories2Connect #helpingothers #homelessness #Recovery

    Hi guys. I’ve noticed a few people mention that they have shared their stories about mental health challenges and some even mentioned they got them published in various pamphlets, magazines, etc. I’m curious if there are certain to reach out to about this or do I just share some of my stories here on the mighty? Thanks everyone!!

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    I have been struggling with limited funds and time to be employed and find an affordable unit to rent. I am devastated because this coming Sunday, I will be homeless again! I am also looking for a foster home for my ESDog...

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    The Bigger Picture

    <p>The Bigger Picture</p>
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    Community Voices

    I want to buy a bus and travel!

    <p>I want to buy a bus and travel!</p>
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    Should I try forcing a crises situation in order to get help #homelessness

    On the one hand our hosts have done everything they can to be accommodating. On the other still time sharing a bed with the roommate I've been sharing with for six or seven years. Desperately feeling out of place and living with allergies in a high allergen zone ( Central Valley CA I miss the big city miss old doctors who I had good history with but who had to 'move on'. I desperately miss SF. #sanfrancisco

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